Ball State’s Biz School Has a Cool Social Media Marketing Program

Ball State’s Biz School Has a Cool Social Media Marketing Program


Isn’t it wonderful that social media and digital marketing has grown so much that colleges and universities are launching centers and programs to train their students how to best dominate in the corporate and future of business.

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Kyleigh Mazer can regularly be found in front of interactive displays in the Whitinger Business Building, pulling data that answers questions companies would have about their social media posts.

How many people are responding? How old are they? Are they using a mobile or desktop device?

The 22-year-old senior entrepreneurial management major is one in a group of business students enrolled in classes and doing on-site work in the Center for Advancement of Digital Marketing and Analytics (CADMA), located in the Miller College of Business. Offered through the college’s Department of Marketing, the center aims to close the gap between students’ digital savvy and business marketing needs.


“In developing CADMA, we found that major corporations have heavily invested in social media command centers, but few universities have created something similar for educating the next generation of technology workers,” said Eric Harvey, the center’s director and a marketing professor. “When it comes to this field, the average starting salary is just shy of $50,000 and companies — from the largest Fortune 500 firms to small start-ups — are seeking well-educated, highly motivated people to fill these positions.”

Consisting of a social media lab and social media command center, CADMA opened in early 2016 and provides students with experience using social media monitoring tools, faculty with access to social media data for research and partners in the business world who have insights into current marketing trends.

A former classroom in Whitinger was remodeled as CADMA’s home. The social media lab is designed to educate students and help them hone skills they learned in digital marketing and analytics courses, including examining consumer behavior, professional selling and content development. Within the interactive learning space, student teams and faculty researchers can use multiple screens and white board.

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