How To Move Your Blog To Self-Hosted WordPress Today!

How To Move Your Blog To Self-Hosted WordPress Today!


A lot of bloggers start out on one of the free platforms like Blogger, or which is perfect if you’re blogging as a hobby and have no plans or interest in monetizing your content or do not really want complete ownership in the content.

Screeech! Say what? Who wouldn’t want to make money off their blog or want to maintain ownership in their writing? Right.

That’s the limitation with, a free platform which you can set up quickly and easily for no cost whatsoever. (I show you how in this post) You are not allowed to add plugins or put advertisements on a blog you create on

It’s the trade-off to using that free platform.

However, you could certainly place ads on a Blogger platform, but as with, you are still beholden to both Blogger and WordPress’ Terms of Service.

This means that  if someone makes a copyright claim or complains about your content, the platform can shut down your blog and essentially all of your hard work building it up until that point.

That is why most bloggers that have decided to take complete ownership over their content switch over to a self-hosted platform.

A good 95% of these users use, which is the cousin of the free version.

It can be intimidating to switch to self-hosting. I know I was when I first considered it several years ago after building a parenting lifestyle site on the Blogger Platform.

In sum, web hosting is where your website live. It’s your website’s house on the internet. It’s better to get used to the idea of owning your space on the Internet and take a deep breath and get ready to just do it!

Every website needs web hosting.

You can certainly get your own domain with the free platforms, as well as with self-hosted, but if you purchase the domain the same place you host, it makes things easier when it comes to billing, renewals and the like. Also, when you call for customer service or if you hire help, it will be good if all of your properties are hosted at the same company.

A domain name typically costs $14.99 / year, depending on how popular the domain name is. A lot of companies have sales and charge as low as $.01 for a domain at times.

Web hosting normally costs $7.99 / month.

That can be lot for beginners who are just starting out and creating a hobby blog that makes no money and are not interested in too much output in cash!

Thankfully, platforms like the one I  use for this blog, Dreamhost, offers a free domain and has hosting starting as little as $9.95 monthly if you purchase it annually.

After you select your domain, you can then easily install a WordPress blog with a simple “One Click” install and within one day have a blog up and running!

You would next need to select and create a theme. I show you how to do it below (or you can go on and search for someone to install a theme for you as low as $5.00!)

self hosted

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