Crisis Management Tips: How to Survive Cancel Culture {2 Things You Should NEVER include In Your Apology)

Crisis Management Tips: How to Survive Cancel Culture {2 Things You Should NEVER include In Your Apology)


After SNL fired one of its newest comedians, Shane Gillis, over racist statements he made during a podcast, there has been a lot of talk about the Cancel Culture. Read recent articles and opinion pieced from The New Republic, CNN and the Washington Post.

Small businesses, solopreneaurs and individuals are not immune to feeling the retribution of hurtful statements or actions.

Also, See the large number or private citizens who have sent lost their jobs when a moment captured on mobile video or a tweet or Facebook posts go viral and Internet sleuths track down their employer.

When an influencer or blogger or small biz personality grows a substantial following, she or it become a public figure and thus, it is imperative that you respond to the crisis in a particular way.

First, if you catch yourself in the situation where there are calls for boycott of your product, there are two things that you should never say and three sentiments you should convey.

Also, do not get arrogant. Do not attempt to substitute your barometer for what you think is offensive or not. Just don’t go there. Finally, after the SNL fiasco, I saw a few people try to drag Dave Chappelle into the conversation because he just finished releasing a very controversial Netflix special where he was quite offensive (as usual) and pushed the boundaries in the “me too” era.

Chappelle, like Beyonce, Donald Trump, and  Kanye West and brands like Apple and H&M,  are virtually “cancel-proof”!

You’ll find it hard to get a gaffe or a controversy to get them to lose their audience and base because they are such large figures and their fans are super loyal!

Here is a video I did on the topic that I recorded last week and recently shared on my YouTube Channel (closed caption for hearing impaired)

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