She Grew Her Online Boutique to 216K Over 6 Years, Then Instagram Disabled Her Account

She Grew Her Online Boutique to 216K Over 6 Years, Then Instagram Disabled Her Account

Online business owner Jackie Miramontes of Gia Monae Boutique spent 6 years organically building her boutique’s Instagram following to 216,000, but then, on January 20, 2020 Instagram shut down her boutique’s page forcing her to start over.


In an online video Jackie posted on her YouTube channel, she explains the reason for her account being disabled.

In a nutshell, she ignored one pesky violation notification that wouldn’t go away and just kept popping up.

It started this year, while promoting her boutique’s New Year’s collection. Jackie said she uploaded a campaign promo video onto her page’s IGTV video section.

The video unfortunately included a copyrighted song so Instagram sent her a notification indicating that the post was flagged, and the music would be muted.

She explained in her video that she thought because IG had muted the video, there was nothing more she needed to do

Apparently, she was supposed to take down the post or follow the steps on the flag notification.

Because she failed to take down the video, each day the post stayed live counted as a violation.

So the official reason for the page being disabled was “continued violation of community guidelines.”

It is unfortunate and there are tons of lessons to be learned here.

One, as Jackie alludes to in her somber upload, pay attention to those flags whether they come from Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

Do not ignore them.

And not just copyright flags. Pay attention to all, even the flags for associating a post with branded content.

All are important. I know I’ve had a few of those. Do not let those posts linger. Correct the problem. Add the appropriate branded content handle or just DELETE the post.

Two: create your own space!

I always advocate that social media influencers and creators have a home and host via their own website or blog.

In fact, I help others create their own space.


She has a website, but as with other influencers and celebrities that sell products, social media is just an easier, faster and a more efficient means of reaching your market.

Think of the fact that Bey, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner can sell out products in minutes or days by simply marketing solely on social media.

To lose that type of instant access to over 200,000 consumers and potential buyers is a huge loss.

But Jackie seems upbeat and optimistic and advises, as I always do, to have multiple accounts and to secure email addresses from customers so when a social media exercises its rights to shut down your page over a terms of service violation, you’ll have a way of communicating with customers and fans.

Watch Jackie explain her situation herself in this video she posted this week:


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