7 Expert Tips For Looking Better In All These Web Meetings {Our New Normal}

7 Expert Tips For Looking Better In All These Web Meetings {Our New Normal}

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The recent coronavirus has driven a lot of businesses to virtual existence, requiring a lot of crucial meetings to be held from the respective homes of participants via desktop apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and the like. It is our new normal but a lot of workers and business people are not used to the idea of having so many meetings and quite a few folks do not know how to present themselves in an online meeting.

Enter master public speaking trainer and TEDx coach Tricia Brouk who has coached speakers on numerous platforms and TEDx stages across the world who says that now more than ever, how you speak and present yourself has never been more  important.

Some of Tricia’s tips include:

  1. Get dressed: Even if people can only see your top half, your entire presence changes when you know you’re still wearing pajamas on the bottom
  2. Think about your background: You’re essentially inviting your coworkers into your home, so pay attention to what’s in view of your camera…we’ve all seen the viral videos
  3. Lighting matters: The most flattering lighting comes from in front of you or from the side
  4. Come prepared: Have the content you intend to share prepared ahead of time, just like you’d do for an in-person meeting
  5. Make Eye Contact: Try to alternate looking at the camera and the other participants’ faces to best mimic an in-person feeling. Also try to avoid looking at your own face while speaking, it is distracting and can easily derail a solid presentation
  6. Pay attention to your voice: Make an extra effort to speak slowly and clearly so nothing is lost in translation
  7. Still be you: Don’t stop using the gestures and mannerisms that you would typically use in person

They seem so subtle but can make a world of difference in your presentation, according to Brouk who trains clients one-on-one in person NYC, but just recenlty launched The Big Talk Academy, a virtual 12-week certification program for experts, coaches, and authors around the globe who want to impact and grow their bottom line.

Come get these tips and stop showing up for the Zoom meeting busted and unprepared!

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