International Women’s Day: The Women Tech Report

International Women’s Day: The Women Tech Report


On this International Women’s Day, I saw an article about 12 women who self-funded their own ventures which made me happy and sad. Happy that these women had achieved success and sad, because too many women have to do this because VCs refuse to fund women.

That fact was highlighted by TrustRadius‘  second annual Women Tech Report to celebrate International Women’s day (and women in tech every day).

The report addresses critical issues for women in the technology industry in 2020, including, VC funding gap, the Gender pay gap, Recruiting, Company culture, Diversity/Intersectionality, Opportunities for growth and Leadership among other topics.

The final analysis incorporates responses from over 700 tech professionals, and was open to everyone who works in the tech industry— women, men, and people of all other gender identities.

Here are some of the key findings from the TrustRadius 2020 Women in Tech Report in visual format which starts with the sobering reality that women-founded companies only received 2.3% of VC investment and women of color way less than that and black women, in particular even less.  As of 2018, there were only 34 black women to successfully raise over $1M in funding and others self-funded their businesses via friends and family and pitch competitions.  

More stats:

Download the complete report


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