Social Distancing While Single: 3 Things to Do

Social Distancing While Single: 3 Things to Do

If you are teleworking or working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak and happen to be single, these time can be lonely. Isolation can lead to loneliness and sadness, even for those used to living alone.

Going to work and socializing after work are ways single people get to interact with others. For those who are stuck indoors these days, experts suggest a few activities to overcome boredom and isolation:


A lot of gyms and other resources are offering free online exercise classes and courses. Pinterest has a wealth of exercise posters with routines and exercises to do. My family has invested in Beach Body on- demand 

which has a catalog of over two dozen multi-day series

I know it is very hard to get motivated but if you make it part of your morning or evening routine and create a schedule and stick with it, you’ll be surprised that you’ll stick with it.

I also purchased an exercise dice from Five Below that I use while watching the news or my fave reality TV show.

Skype Happy Hour

You can connect to the outside world in a social setting after all through virtual happy hours.

Go into your favorite social media platform, and type in #virtualhappyhour. Most virtual happy hours will take place on Thursdays and Fridays.

The virtual happy hours are hosted on video conferencing platforms like ZoomGoogle HangoutsSkype and FaceTime.

Start a Business or Start that Book

Now is a also a great time to start working on that business idea you’ve been thinking about. A lot of things you need to set up a business including launching a website, opening up a bank account and getting a phone number can be done remotely and online.

If you want to start a blog, I got you and can either coach you through it or set it up for you. Hire me at Let’s do this!

Alternatively, for the creatives out there who have a novel or a script they’ve been slowly working on. Use your down time you would spend out with friends, working on your craft.

With Hotel rates at an all time low with low occupancy, now is a good time to book a cheap room and escape to a clear space with crisp white sheets.

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