About Me

My name is JJ Ghatt, founder of Jenebaspeaks.com. I I am a digital and social media strategist, content creator, consultant and coach, an FM radio panel talk-show host and a self-professed “social media butterfly”.

I have several digital homes and prides myself on curating, cultivating and stimulating meaningful discussions and conversations online, as a YouTuber, blogger and author of several blog properties, an advisor, counselor and mentor to several startups while cultivating her own StartUp.

And since founding this poli-tech blog, Jenebaspeaks.com, in 2010 and launching its accompanying Twitter account of the same name,I have advised start-ups and advocated on behalf of new entrepreneurs.

I have written extensively on the intersection of technology and politics and have also been recognized as an influential person in this field and have attended several tech inclusion sessions on invitation of The White House.

Cision, a PR network, identified me among the Top 50 Content Marketers and Top Rich Media marketers of 2015 to Follow.

My work has been syndicated on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, News One, Jack and Jill Politics, The Washington Informer, The Dallas Weekly, and several other sites.

I have also been quoted as an expert and influencer in the Washington Post, CNN.com, Uptown magazine, E!Online, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Minnesota Independent and several other sites.

As an influential social media personality and respected columnist, I have been included in sites like Yahoo! Politics,  The Atlantic, BET.com, Politico, MS News.com, FishBowl DC, and The White House Blog  in their round ups of commentary and thoughts by respected journalists among established and well-known national figures.

I reach over 1M audiences weekly through my blog properties and social channels.

 In recent years, I contributed and was a co-author on a book for teens, “Drug Abuse” and have  contributed to a couple  journals and have published my own ebook series on blogging and a journal article in the CommLaw Conspectus law journal.

Since then, I have authored numerous columns and news pieces in her (now-defunct) influential now defunct Washington Times column The Politics of Raising Children and as the politics, Washington, Congress and White House correspondent for sites like Politic365.com (now defunct) and UrbanFaith.com.  

Along with co-hosting an FM radio show,  I have appeared as a frequent guest on nationally syndicated terrestrial and satellite radio stations and shows including Sirius XM POTUS channel’s Showdown 2012, New School with Charles Ellison, The Mario Armstrong Show, The Cliff Kelley Show on WVON 1690 AM Detroit and syndicated on Hot 107.5FM, Voice of Russia, The Jesse Peterson show and The Tech Talk Show on WOL-AM 1450, DC.  

I live in Maryland with my husband and teenage daugther, with two sons in college.

I M available for speaking engagements, white paper drafting, social media engagement, diversity training and to perform a host of other services.

Visit me on my personal website at Jayjayghatt.com