For Startups: How to raise money from friends, angels, and venture capital firms

I thought this video had great tips about raising money for small businesses.



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2 thoughts on “For Startups: How to raise money from friends, angels, and venture capital firms

  1. Generally speaking, raising money from friends and relatives is a straightforward proposition: you offer them equity (their returns come from future profits in the biz), debt (they collect installment payments), or both. Angels operate similarly to friends, only they’re likely to require the entrepreneur demonstrate some level of self-capitalization.

    Both traditional debt financing — whether a bank loan (SBA-backed or otherwise) or ‘hard money’ — and venture capital require varying levels of self-capitalization, if not proof of operating revenue. The challenge for many aspiring entrepreneurs then is how to raise that seed capital beyond bootstrapping. Some very sound alternative financing techniques include factoring, receivables financing, advance sales, and subscriptions.

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