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Dick Costolo

Why Twitter’s biz model is not as lucrative as Facebook & Pinterest.


Twitter‘s CEO Dick Costolo will step down, New York Times reports. Part of the reason the 5-year Chief of the popular social media company is relinquishing his post is because of its struggles to grow its user database, increase ad revenue and get side projects launched and successful. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t have the same flexibility […]

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Twitter IPO: “It’s Economics, stupid!” -The Case for a more diverse board


“Twitter lost $69 million in the first 6 months of this year.  Clearly, whatever, it was doing before, which includes relying on an insular circle of men, is NOT working …” You might have seen the several articles this weekend (New York Times, The Next Web, WSJ, BRW, The Verge, Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed) that all summarized […]

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