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I Wanted To Relaunch My YouTube Channel So I Did

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I’ve a relaunched my YouTube Channel as JayJay Ghatt and rebranded myself as a digital content guru, on that channel and generally. I’ve created over 20 tutorial and training videos over the course of a few years blogging, and managing this website, a few others and my online training platform… so it was quite easy […]

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CyberWeek: These $200 Udemy Courses Are $9.99 TODAY!


If you are a life-long learner and look for every opportunity to expand your knowledge base, learn new skills or build upon old ones, and you are used to doing so via online courses, then you’ll be excited to learn that Udemy, the online learning platform with tons of courses is having a big Cyber […]

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#SmallBusinessSaturday: Please Shop My eCommerce Stores!


It is Small Business Saturday! Last year, I encouraged my readers to support the brands for which I am an affiliate for but this year, I’ve opened up three online shops and am offering discounts and deals in hopes that you will continue to support this platform and purchase from me. My Mom Charm Store […]

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How Who You Battle in Social Media Actually Help Russian Bots Win


If you ever wanted to know how is it possible to declare war on a whole other country using social media and how social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram actually help foreign nations accomplish this, I explain in a recent video. Hint: we all contribute to this dilemma when we battle trolls in […]

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10 Stan Lee Quotes to Inspire A Writer And Anyone!

Stan Lee quotes for writers

We lost a great mind in Marvel co-founder Stan Lee this week but his words live forever in remarkable quotes he leaves behinds for writers and others. My 10-year old daughter is an aspiring short story and script writer. She writes poetically and vividly describes her subjects, their moods, the settings and she sets up […]

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3 Signs Your StartUp May Be Heading for Failure Before It Even Launches


When it comes to starting a new business, most people focus on how they will win and achieve the American dream. But success isn’t something most new businesses experience. “The painful truth is that the majority of first-time entrepreneurs who launch a business fail early and often,” says Rod Robertson, an international consultant and author […]

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30 Grammar Goofs: Words and Phrases Most People Get Wrong


Jenebaspeaks rewind I am guilty of making grammar goofs often, even though I have a degree in Journalism and make much of my living writing these days. Still in the social media world, I  am constantly bumping into people in the comment section of blog posts, on Twitter and on friends’ Facebook statuses making all […]

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How Social Media Platforms Punish Lurkers and How to Hack That


If you lurk on social media to checkout friends, read news and information and/or keep up with your fave celeb, Internet famous star or family, then you should know that social media platforms do not like you. It’s not that they don’t like you but when it’s your turn to share a status update, an […]

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Finally End Unsolicited Mobile Marketing Robocalls With This App (DOWNLOAD)


Every now and then, I discover a lifesaving app and promise myself to share it with as many people as possible. You know the whole “pay it forward” phenom. Well, about a few months ago, I started to get a record number of unsolicited robo marketing calls on my phone. It was infuriating and disruptive. […]

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Pinterest’s New Audience #ContentMarketing Insight Tool: A Sneak Peek Inside Look (VIDEO WALKTHRU)


I am slowly getting back into content creator mode and on top of my to-do-list was to conduct and audit of my old content and review my analytics to see what type of content I create resonate best with my audience. While doing so, I discovered that quite a bit of the social media networks […]

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