Make Professional Videos in Minutes

Make Professional Videos in Minutes

As anyone in the content creation, curation and marketing space knows, videos are the future. Each of the top social media and social bookmarking platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat is prioritizing content in video format.

I know from my own experience that I get more reach, engagement and scale of my messages, products, content and services by delivering them to my audience and market via video.

I have a YouTube channel but had to scale back due to the amount of time it takes to produce video content. However, I discovered that I could create super fast video content using mobile apps and I have been uploading them onto my ITV video platform.

If only I had a resource to create longer form, professional quality HD videos in minutes while utilizing a library with over 1,000 templates and access to copyright free music, and the option for me to add my voice to personalize the video at a reasonable cost to a solopreneur.

I discovered inVideo and haven’t looked back since!!


  • Create stunning professional-level videos in minutes with pre-made templates for all your needs
  • Access InVideo’s media library filled with millions of beautiful images, videos, and music
  • Trim clips, crop frames, loop video, and tons more with additional Advanced Editing options

Best for: Marketers, media companies, and any business that wants to create marketing videos

Plus, you can add stickers, overlays, effects, and GIFs or go even more in-depth with Advanced Editing options.

InVideo is a simple, scalable video creation platform with templates that help you make engaging videos in minutes.

I’m excited of being able to frame and present a polished brand message going forward! Woot!


Let’s experiment with this together!

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