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DIY Editorial and Social Media Calendar Tutorial on What to Put in There (VIDEO)


Content creators including bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and those who manage social media accounts and sites for others need to keep everything organized. An ideal way to manage it all is by use of a planner. There are a lot of digital editorial and social media planners and calendars sold online that are great for organizing […]

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For #Bloggers: The Secret to Writing Great Headlines


There is a method to the madness of creating eye catching, headlines that will get web browsers to click your link. Here they are.

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How Pinterest is like a Blogger’s “mix tape”

So apparently, some professional photographers are upset with the latest hottest social media site, Pinterest, which enables users to “pin” their images onto Pinterest digital boards without attribution, credit or a link back to their sites. They are concerned that their photos could be manipulated, copied, shared and possibly used for profit by another person […]

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