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Why I think IG Stories will Legit Kill Snapchat (VIDEO)

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Two days ago, Instagram essentially “swagger jacked” Snapchat and created a feature that copies verbatim Snapchat’s model: quick videos that last only 24 hours and they disappear. I did a video on Facebook Live today on my Facebook page for Jenebaspeaks. It is captioned: “Why Instagram Stories will Kill Snapchat the way Facebook Live killed […]

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Can you Become an Overexposed Voice in Social Media? (10 Min PODCAST)

overexposure in social media jenebaspeaks.com

When latching on to new platforms, it’s imperative that early adopters not get too excited that they post and update so much they become overexposed and their messages become less valued and diluted.

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This is what made the BEST PR Pitch I’ve ever seen GREAT! (Video Link)

For my first professional instructional Meerkat and Periscope broadcast, I shared one of THE best PR pitched I’ve gotten recently and broke down what made the 7 lines only pitch so fabulous and effective.

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How incumbent BIG Internet companies control the Digital Economy

When we think of big bad companies that have massive market control we rarely consider how much power, influence and control BIG Internet has but maybe we should

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