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New Content Delivery Experiments: Facebook’s Instant News & Verizon’s New TV Bundles

television bundles

Facebook and Verizon’s new content experiments and offerings show how competition drives creativity in the digital era

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Top 5 Reasons Companies Give for Employment Diversity Deficits


It is a vicious repeat episode of the movie Groundhog Day when it comes to discussing the absence of racial diversity in certain fields like journalism, tech journalism, tech, big LAW, [fill in profession here]. Not a fortnight passes during any given year over the past decade or so without there being a report, controversy, study, incident, […]

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Meet the Swede making Millions playing videogames on YouTube

Felix Kjellberg (pewdiepie) on Twitter

When my eldest kid was 6 years old, he posted a YouTube video of himself playing a HotWheels PS2 game and got close to 75,000 views. By the time he was 9, he had posted several more and gained an additional 150,000 views and grew a small subscribership of about 35. Today, he and his […]

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WHCD is for celebrities and the usual “un-Diverse” media

At the Emerging Voices in Media reception the day before the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, held on the roof of the Hay-Adams hotel in Washington,DC a stone-throw away from the White House, there were lots of celebs,  lobbyists, lawyers, journalists and politicos of color. It was great to be among so many smart, pretty and […]

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