Consumers Are Ditching Big Brands for Beauty Bloggers’ Picks

Consumers Are Ditching Big Brands for Beauty Bloggers’ Picks


Beauty Bloggers are shaking up the make up industry by recommending and promoting rising, next-big-thing companies like NYX and e.l.f.

A new industry report states that the beauty segment felt a big decline in sales due to the fact that consumers are on the hunt for edgy, niche brands often touted on social media and by bloggers, YouTubers and fashion Instagrammers!

Hey now! Score one for influencers and how about that for a push back against all those predictions that influencer marketing bubble will burst?!

To counter the total dollar volume dip from $16.6 billion to $16.3 billion for the 52-week period ended Aug. 26, 2017, several mass retailers are rushing to add more of these up-and-coming lines — sometimes at the expense of space to traditional mass market powers.

Linda Wells, Revlon’s chief creative officer, said the niche brands have created a wake-up call to the industry. “It was a good thing that spurred us to action,” she said.

For example, Maybeline has ditched its old Easy Breezy Beautiful logo and created a fresh logo and new tag line, called I Am What I Make Up that is nudging out the  — and a boatload of 100 new products. Katy Perry fronts a new advertising campaign, but there’s also something for everyone with five very different “cover girls,” including actress Issa Rae; influencer and chef Ayesha Curry (wife of basketball star Steph Curry); model Maye Musk (Elon’s mother); motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda; and fitness trainer Massy Arias.

With the tagline “Reveal the True You,” Almay is building off its heritage, but also introducing itself to a younger audience. Almay tapped four women with diverse backgrounds ranging from Hispanic to Lebanese and light to darker complexions. Their stories are showcased in video content on Instagram and Facebook. The influencers — Chachi Gonzales, Wendy Nguyen, Nadia Aboulhosn and Nikia Phoenix — have follower counts that range from 31,000 to 1.1 million. In the videos, they discuss their own challenges candidly and how there is no longer one definition of beauty.

Perhaps as part of the industry-wide acknowledgment that darker skinned women matter too and the humongous success of Rihanna‘s Fenty Beauty, Almay’s Smart Shade foundations will be broadened to include deeper shades for darker skin tones.

Highlighting and contouring, along with skin care and masks are continuing trends.

Read more about what the big guys are doing to regain and retain their stake in the game at Drug Store News!



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