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Google Confirms F.T.C. Antitrust Inquiry

New York Times Blogs Reports:

Google confirmed on Friday that the Federal Trade Commission had opened an antitrust investigation into its core search and advertising business.

The inquiry has the potential to turn into the biggest showdown between the United States government and a major technology company since the Microsoft antitrust trial that began in the late 1990s.

In a regulatory filing, Google said that a day earlier it had “received a subpoena and a notice of civil investigative demand” from the commission. Google said that the agency’s investigation concerned its “business practices, including search and advertising.” In the brief filing, the company added, “Google is cooperating with the F.T.C. on this investigation.”

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In the immortal words of the great Scooby Doo: RUUUH ROOOH!


EDITED TO ADD: The Wall Street Journal reports Google has hired 12 LOBBYING FIRMS amidst the investigation! Wowwweeee!!

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