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Post Netroots Nation Muckraking & Mudflapping

Not even 2 hours had lapsed after I and my co-panelists wrapped up what I thought was a pretty successful session at Netroots Nation 2011 on getting out the first time 2010 voters out again in 2012.  Mid-post-panel-meal, we got the alert that a blogger on Firedog Lake had torn into our panel calling us out-of-touch, inside beltway, career apparatchiks.  And he or she got over 127 responses to his/her post NN11 Young Voter Turnout Session – How Do You Convince Someone They’re Better Off Despite Their Lying Eyes? Apparently, he or she was upset that we dared spend an hour and 15 minutes of precious conference time talking about how to encourage voter enthusiasm at a time when s/he and his/her fellow radical uber left anti-establishment Democrat progressives thought we should be encouraging a 2012 sit out or allegiance to a Third Party – like the Green or Socialist party, maybe. Phew! That’s a mouthful~

At least Kay from Balloon Juice blog appreciated the message we were trying to relay and dropped a positive post recapping our  Doin it Again panel which included a substantial quote from my last blog post.  I chimed in as the 131st commenter to that Balloon Juice piece.

In any event, both postings have led to  some great dialogue, elicited some thought and contributed to some interesting exchanges between and among those interested and thinking about election politics in advance of the next major election.

That is a very good thing!

Expect some follow up reply in prose format coming to a media forum near you from at least three of these fine panelists, Progressive activist Scott Roberts, editor-in-chief Kristal High , (me) Jeneba Ghatt, Attorney/Huffpost Blogger & panel moderator Deborah Hines and  Sociologist/PhD student JudyLubin (not pictured is Representative Donna Edwards (D-MD) who had to jet out before the photo to get to another event)


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