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5 Things to Do to Ensure Diversity in Tech

black boys and girls_thumb

black boys and girls_thumb

We’ve all heard the stats about the digital divide and the minuscule number of people from unserved and underserved communities ability to gain capital and opportunities to build and grow tech businesses. There are varied solutions pitched and presented among top policy and other experts in the field of diversity inclusion.

The Kapor Center for Social Impact interviewed 11 leaders who are helping to bridge the gap in technology and enable more underserved communities to have opportunities and access. Below, is an inforgraphic summarizing the results and recently shared with those of us that attended the White House Tech Inclusion Summit earlier this year.


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  • Many thanks for posting! We as a nation have the potential talent to fill these tech jobs; we just need the national will to develop and refine it!

  • You’re welcome! I was happy to see the 5 items summarized as those are the EXACT things I’ve been sounding the alarm about to whomever would listen for years! Thanks fo your good work!

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