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New Media Rising: On the Changing Faces of Media Ownership (AUDIOCAST)

new media

new media

Media Ownership is changing in the era of blogs, new and social media where new voices are capable of owning the spaces where they create, and then publish or broadcast content online. They are able to curate a following and large audience and monetize their fan base just as traditional broadcast, news, magazine and other traditional media outlets have done in the past.

But irrespective of the fact that Internet Celebrities in the form of popular YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and Twitter influencers exist, there still remains a hierarchy in quality and level of media ownership.

BIG INTERNET remains the top dog though, thankfully, more opps exist for many more people to take advantage online.

I did an audio cast which summarizes an answer I gave a friend a few months ago who asked about the changing definition and faces of Media Ownership

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