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The #StartUp Cult: The 12 Different Kinds of Entrepreneurs


Throughout recent Internet history, there have been articles written about “The Cult of Entrepreneurship”, essentially breaking down some of the idiosyncratic nuances associated with the startup culture. I was thoroughly amused by a recent commentary written by linguist Gabriella Rackoff in Medium back in March. This early passage stood out: The first problem I see with […]

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How to ensure your Small Biz Digital Campaign is Effective

digital campaing

These days, many business owners realize that implementing a digital campaign is a great way to enhance visibility, optimize conversion, and keep their companies growing. However, many of these business owners do not know what systems and strategies… Jeneba “JJ Ghatt”,is editor at, an online hub where she helps social media butterfly who empowers digital […]

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The Anti-Lean In: How the Rules for Women Entrepreneurs Differ; Tech Biz Vet Paula Tompkins explains

Paula George Tompkins

When Paula Tompkins started her career in the male-dominated tech field in the mid-1970s,  as one could imagine, the atmosphere for women was not friendly. Fortunately, Tompkins got her start during that time that companies were slowly starting to diversity…because the government made them do it. Back then, the woman who currently owns the 16th […]

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How NOT to promote your new business on GroupOn.

Great Business Idea: Using Groupon to promote your new housekeeping service and introduce more potential clients to your company. Bad Business Idea: Underestimating the number of sales you’d get from the GroupOn offer and then having to book out services through the end of the year because you can only clean houses on your day […]

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