How to Tweak Your Facebook Page to Increase Chances of Getting Verified

How to Tweak Your Facebook Page to Increase Chances of Getting Verified


Facebook recently updated and clarified its existing rules related to influencers and brands that promote other brands’ products or servicemen  on their pages.

The social media site posted the new info on the site’s blog and on a brand new page created to help influencers and marketers navigate  the new changes.

In summary, Facebook clarified that verified pages (pages with a blue check mark often on the pages of celebrities, athletes and media organizations) are the only ones permitted to promote another brand, which Facebook calls it “Branded Content.

It created a new tool that verified pages must use when promoting Branded Content.

If a verified page owner wants to share information about another brand, it can accept the handshake icon which will link the brand to the post. Meaning, the brand will travel with that post and get all the alerts about engagement of that post.

Facebook said in an April 8th update that its new Branded Content tool will help brands better target their marketing.

But what about those that do not have verified page but share sponsored post content on their page?

If you do not have a blue badge on your page, you cannot post branded content.

Womp womp womp.

Since the announcement, there have been several sites try to interpret this bad news (for non-verified page owners). I’m keeping track of them here:

Cobo blog took an early stab

Search Engine Journal says no sponsored post unless verified

The big take away from most was: Better get verified….

…but hold up, not so fast! This is what someone at Facebook told to comoblog;

We’re (Facebook) only accepting verification requests from Pages that represent celebrities, public figures, sports teams, media and entertainment. Our Pages Team is extremely backed up with Brand Requests at the moment and need some time to catch up, that is why we are unable to accept them at the moment.

In the meantime, Leonard Kim, Managing Partner at Build Your Influence, offers these suggestion that you should consider.

To optimize  your blog to increase the liklihood of getting verified, Kim says, first you must have:

  • An existing public page under your name (you can’t use your personal page).
  • A history of native content posted to your page.
  • Some media references that have your name or image.
  • A website.
  • An iPhone or iPad with an internet connection (Android devices should work in a few months).
  • The Facebook Mentions Application.

Step 1. From your computer, if you are not an actor, journalist, musician or athlete, change your category from blogger, business person, writer, author, or whatever category you may have your page listed as to public figure.

Step 2. Under awards, put the publications you were in, the titles of the articles, followed with links.

Step 3: Write a long form bio describing who you are and what you do. Mine is a bit long, so this is an example of Blake’s.

Step 4. Download Facebook Mentions on your iPhone.

Step 5. Once you download the application and open it up, click ‘Get Started’

Step 6. Type in your name. Since you aren’t verified yet, your page won’t appear. That’s okay though.

Step 7. Since your page isn’t verified yet, click ‘My page isn’t verified…’

Step 8. Now a form will load. Select the page for your personal brand.

Step 9. After you select the page for your personal brand, upload a copy of your photo ID and add a website link, then click submit.

Step 10. Run boosted posts or ads for around $5 a day for a week. Blake ran an advertising budget around $3 a day for a week. I did around $10 a day for 48 hours

After submission, now all you can do is wait. You’ll get notification for whether your profile was verified in a week with a blue check mark, plus you get to use the mentions app which is super clean and easy to use.

Let me know if it works for you. 

Good luck! 

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