It’s Cool When You Find Yourself Featured Places

It’s Cool When You Find Yourself Featured Places


I was working on revamping my online bio and signature when I came across three websites where I was featured and I didn’t even know. I found it all pretty awesome and cool.

A website called Girls of Color is featuring influential women of color in a variety of fields: Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Business, Education, Fashion, Tech and More and I noted that I (well my bio anyway) was featured alongside Queen Latifah, Shonda Rhimes, Janet Mock, Solange and Tyra Banks! Well, I’ll be!


Check it out here!

A very cool site called Sister from Another Planet syndicated the blog article I did on Medium which was featured on the Hacker Noon blog. It is a summary of 200 Black Women on Twitter to Follow. I’m do to start working on the 2018 version of that listing soon but this was cool.

The 2017 List: 200 Black Women in Tech on Twitter

Also, a few years ago, a fellow blogger assembled a post of Black Female Authors who had published books. I have a few eBooks on blog publishing and other pop culture topics, and have contributed to an anthology text on drug abuse among teens that can be found at your local library. This was the first time I saw this listing with my eBook on fashion in it:

Well…if you haven’t “Googled” yourself lately, you should because you never know what’s being said about you: The Good, Bad and Ugly. Knowing is half the battle and Ignorance is not bliss.

Get a handle of your online reputation now. Elevate the surprises and fight hard to suppress and beat down the bad, unfair, mischaracterized, false accusations and the slander. I’ve got some work to do myself. Wish me luck!

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