Ever Consider an Answering Service For Your Lean #StartUp or SmallBiz?

Ever Consider an Answering Service For Your Lean #StartUp or SmallBiz?


Many people are not entirely sure what a virtual receptionist is, and as far as call answering is concerned, their minds turn to the traditional telephone answering machine, which, let’s face it, does not work, as the modern consumer demands a human response within seconds. At the end of the day, the consumer is always right, and online shopping has caused a shift in expectations, and being met with an automated phone response is certainly not going to impress. The rise of digital technology has opened many doors, and the phone answering service industry offers all businesses a range of essential services that are both affordable and very efficient.

The Virtual Receptionist

 This is not a digital creation, as the term “virtual” refers to the receptionist’s location, which would typically be at a call center, and she would be fully briefed on her clients’ businesses, and would even have a scripted greeting provided by the client company, which she would use when answering calls. With some clever call transferring, any incoming call on your business number is automatically relayed to the call handler who would typically answer after 3 rings, and would then take the relevant action, which might be to transfer the call to a mobile number, or perhaps take a message. All of this takes place without the caller being aware that it is anything but a professionally answered call.

Broadband Connectivity

 An established phone answering service provider would have lighting fast broadband Internet and with a team of qualified call handlers, they would handle the calls of their many clients on a day to day basis, and should a customer wish to make any changes to their script, this can be done with a single call. Using a call answering service is not beyond any business, and they have packages to suit everyone from the one man band to the multi-national corporation.

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The Human Element

 Try as we might, the human element cannot be replaced, and any business that wants to be up there at the top must have all their incoming calls professionally handled, and at last, technology has enabled this service to be provided at a reasonable cost.

If you have ever been on the receiving end of a call answering machine, you will know how it makes you feel, and with so much competition in the world of commerce, can you really afford to take a chance with your incoming inquiries?

Online Solutions

 Sourcing such a provider couldn’t be easier, and a Google search will soon have you talking to an established provider, and from that moment, your business will always be well represented with incoming callers. The system can be ready to go in no time, and many providers are so confident in their services, you can have a free trial!

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