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How a 14-Year Old Became A Social Media Celebrity in 3 months; Case Study is

baby ariel

baby ariel

It’s amazing how quickly people can gain popularity on new social media sites.

Like this Summer, there was a conference for Periscope, a Live video sharing app that only launched this past April and there is already a conference for fans, users, brands and other Periscope celebrities. Amazing, eh?

Similarly, a lip sync app similar to video creation and share social media site DubSmash became popular a few months ago and some of the best vids from mainly young teen girls have gained so much popularity and views that those girls are now Internet celebs.  Already!

One of the most popular is a 14-year old girl named Baby Ariel who has 265,000 subscribers to her YouTube Channel that she started on June 22, 2015! Wow!

That is where the teen shares her app vids that she only started making this summer. Amazing! She even has a legion of copy cat accounts. People are creating outfits inspired by this girl.

From stardom on a new platform, Baby Ariel has 61K Twitter Fans and 108K  Instagram fans.

Her lone skill was being skillful, entertaining and comedic on a new app. Wowza!

Anyway, inspired by blog trainer, speaker and another entrepreneurial mom Danielle Ford’s compilation, I jumped in on the fun this Summer and have compiled the best of my videos here:

Here is Danielle Ford’s compilation here:


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