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Should Havine a Big Social Media Following Matter to Venture Capitalists?

Does social media matter to VCs? To a VC, does it matter how many Twitter followers or Facebook FB -0.62% fans a startup may have? Is it a good thing if a startup founder has 500+ followers on LinkedIn LNKD +%? In the scheme of things, how important is social media traction when a VC […]

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How I got 40 Million Profile Views in Google Plus

I recently discovered the factors that went in for me getting a Google Plus page views count that surpassed Google’s Founder and all the other top dogs on that social media platform

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Report: Minorities, Urban, Poorer, Youth & Women use Social Media most

Social Media is blowing up! Most adults use social media. A recent PEW Internet social networking survey revealed that as of December 2012, 67% of American adults use social networking. But of the top sites, Facebook is number one with 67% of adults saying they have an account compared to just 16% on Twitter, 15% […]

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