Should Havine a Big Social Media Following Matter to Venture Capitalists?

Should Havine a Big Social Media Following Matter to Venture Capitalists?


Does social media matter to VCs?

To a VC, does it matter how many Twitter followers or Facebook FB -0.62% fans a startup may have?

Is it a good thing if a startup founder has 500+ followers on LinkedIn LNKD +%?

In the scheme of things, how important is social media traction when a VC is considering an investment?

While there are many different metrics used by VCs, there is really no reason why social media shouldn’t be part of the overall mix.

For startups with a large social media following, it means a few things.

1. They have a brand or product that resonates with existing or potential customers.

2. They have a willingness and ability to drive attention by leveraging social media using through engagement, conversations, relationship building, customer service and marketing campaigns.

3. There is a solid base to drive marketing and sales by tapping into the power of evangelists and influencers.

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