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How To Launch A Business From Your College Dorm Room

by Adam Witty College students with an entrepreneurial spirit may be eager for the day they can leave the confines of their cramped dorm rooms, move into a spacious office and launch the business of their dreams. But why wait? “There are plenty of examples of college students who were still living in their dorms […]

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What Happens When Your Site Outgrows Your Shared Hosting Plan

There comes a time in many bloggers or website owners site life when they need to upgrade their hosting from a shared hosting plan. You know this because your site is getting spikes in traffic once in a while so much so that it either crashes, starts running extremely slowly or you get an alert […]

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Lean StartUps: How to Spend Your $1K Marketing Budget {UPDATED}

{UPDATED} Small and lean startups may not have a budget to hire a marketing or social media manager on staff even though it is well known that marketing is the most important thing for promoting, scaling and advancing a new venture. A friend of mine asked me to give him advice on how should a […]

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How incumbent BIG Internet companies control the Digital Economy

When we think of big bad companies that have massive market control we rarely consider how much power, influence and control BIG Internet has but maybe we should

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How to Set Up your Blog as a Business in 6 Easy Steps

In this economy, it is a good idea to find a second source of revenue to supplement your household income. The extra money can be used for savings, for a vacation fund or to start the foundation of a business venture you want to launch. One of the easiest businesses to launch is a web-based […]

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