Worldwide Government and Private Start up Accelerator and Incubator Programs

I was doing some online research on government and private business accelerator and incubator programs and thought it would be helpful to consolidate the fruits of my efforts  into one post as a one stop shop for others also interested in learning about these programs, where to apply for them, deadlines and what organizations and groups are out there offering support to start ups, including to women and minority start ups.

There are over 250 programs listed here and there may be overlap as I haven’t had time yet to scrub duplicates, but wanted to share findings so far. Will edit as I have time.

First, here is aGoogle map of all the seed, accelerator and start ups around the globe.

Kaljundi lists deadlines. and so did

You can go to National Incubator Industry Association and plug in your state and come up with a listing and contact for an incubator or accelerator near you.

 Startl breaks down the different types of accelerators

The following guide breaks down the four most common types of incubator and offers tips on identifying which might be best for you.
The Classic Incubator

  • PROGRAMLike Mr. Mancuso’s original, these incubators operate out of a shared building where tenants have subsidized rent, access to computers, office equipment, staff members and experts.
  • COST Fee-based, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, which covers expenses like office space, equipment rental and kitchen access.
  • EXIT RULESMost programs expect tenants to “graduate” within three to five years.
  • EXAMPLES Cambridge Innovation Center (Cambridge, Mass.), TechColumbus(Columbus, Ohio).
  • BEST FORFirst-timers or those looking to connect in new industries.
  • HOW IT WORKSIt is based on shared knowledge, said Tim Rowe, founder and chief executive of the Cambridge Innovation Center, which houses 300 early-stage companies in a facility owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tenants pay from $250 a month to $1,100 a month per person with no limit on how long they can stay.
  • GRADUATES SAYDavid Rose has founded two medical device companies, Ambient Devices and Vitality, at the Cambridge center: “There is a viral energy and camaraderie. You can get a lot of good advice simply by walking into the elevator.”
  • QUESTIONS TO ASK Can you break the lease? What kinds of companies are current tenants starting? Will the incubator give you contact information for former tenants? What kinds of experiences do staff members have? Will you have contact with outside professionals?
The University
  • PROGRAM Offers access to equipment and experienced staff.
  • COSTTypically free (some programs offer grants) but limited to current students or alumni.
  • EXIT RULESMany programs expect the company to graduate when the student does.
  • EXAMPLES ARCH New Business Incubator at the University of Chicago, Darden Center for Entrepreneurial Leadershipat the University of Virginia.
  • BEST FORStudent entrepreneurs looking to spend the summer or school year fleshing out an idea with the help of professors, fellow students and alumni.
  • HOW IT WORKSBudding entrepreneurs at the University of Virginia’s business incubator, for example, are given a $13,000 stipend and coaching and feedback on their business plans. Participants can also attend lectures and workshops on topics like intellectual property and accounting.
  • GRADUATES SAY George Aspland, Scott Roberts and Adam Rodnitzky graduated in 2008 from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. Unlike many of their classmates who turned their M.B.A.’s into jobs on Wall Street or with big companies, they decided to start a business together and enrolled in the ARCH incubator. Within a year, their company, ReTel Technologies, had a plan to use crowd- sourcing to analyze surveillance videos. “Our time in the incubator helped us reorient and come up with a plan we could execute,” Mr. Rodnitzky said.
  • QUESTIONS TO ASK Does the program offer a stipend? What restrictions come with the money? Who are the professors and the staff members who will be advising you and what kinds of experiences do they have?
The Niche
  • PROGRAMMost niche incubators offer facilities and advice at a reduced cost to companies with a specialized focus — for example, food or social entrepreneurship.
  • COSTTypically fee-based although some programs take equity stakes.
  • EXIT RULESMost operate like the classic model.
  • EXAMPLES Blue Ridge Food Ventures (Asheville, N.C.); Sparkseed(San Francisco).
  • BEST FORFirst-timers who require specialized instruction or access to specialized equipment.
  • HOW IT WORKSMany aspiring food entrepreneurs think they can make a few dollars selling cookies made with their grandmother’s secret recipe, said Mary Lou Surgi, executive director of Blue Ridge Food Ventures, but most do not have the equipment or the wherewithal to build a business. At Blue Ridge, they can also take classes offered by Ms. Surgi: “Most people that come here have never even thought of things like food safety or how to market and distribute their product.”
  • GRADUATES SAYJeannine Buscher and Sarah Schomber, the founders of Buchi, which makes fermented and unpasteurized tea: “We could never have afforded the kind of place we have now two years ago,” Ms. Buscher said. “It’s hard to say what kind of business we would have today if we didn’t have Blue Ridge Food Ventures to help us get started.” They started out in Ms. Buscher’s dining room but now brew their bottled beverages in a 6,000-foot-facility of their own.
  • QUESTIONS TO ASK What kinds of companies are current tenants starting? Will the incubator give you contact information for former tenants? What kinds of experiences have staff members had? Are they knowledgeable about the specific kind of business you are considering?
  • PROGRAMMost accelerators, which are run by groups of experienced business owners and investors, require entrepreneurs to move to a facility for a specified amount of time. Eventually, they are given the opportunity to market their businesses to investors.
  • COSTTypically a 6 percent equity stake in return for about $18,000 in seed financing.
  • EXIT RULESPrograms usually last for 90 days, although companies can continue to use the program’s network of mentors.
  • EXAMPLES TechStars (Boston; Boulder, Colo.; New York; Portland, Ore.), Y Combinator (San Francisco); Joystick Labs (Raleigh, N.C.)
  • BEST FORFast-growth companies that want to attract investors.
  • HOW IT WORKS You get 90 days of intense focus from a team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, said Brad Feld, co-founder of TechStars. While TechStars aims at technology companies, Y Combinator accepts a wide variety of companies. The Brandery, in Cincinnati, provides 90 days of feedback on a company’s marketing and advertising strategies. Joystick Labs accepts only entrepreneurs interested in building gaming companies.
  • GRADUATES SAY Lina Chen, chief executive of Nix Hydra Games, moved from Shanghai to Raleigh to connect with smart, ambitious people at Joystick Labs. “I felt that participating in the program would save us time and money in the long run because of the kind of people who would be helping us grow our company,” Ms. Chen said.
  • QUESTIONS TO ASK How much equity do you have to give up to participate? How much investment capital do you receive in return? Who are the mentors you will be working with? How many of the program’s graduates have raised money or found a buyer? Can you contact them? Where will you live while participating in the program?

For Entrepreneurs Who Need More Flexibility in Their Schedule:

For people who may not be able to participate in an in-person incubator, The Global Entrepreneurship Institute (GEI) is a non-profit educational organization that advises and educates entrepreneurs throught their GCASEONLINE incubator program.

Virtual Incubation Network is a new program to foster new businesses through a network of virtual incubators at community colleges in 11 states. This is a multiyear project primarily targeting community colleges in geographically isolated and hard-to-serve areas.


Programs to Help Minority Entrepreneurs

Here are some of the resources that are specifically for entrepreneurs who are members of a minority group:

Programs to Help Women Entrepreneurs

Here are some of the programs that are specifically designed to help women entrepreneurs launch their ventures:

TechCocktail working with other grups, interviewed VC’s, Angels, and program graduates and ranked a list of start up programs based on the following methodology: It weighed 25 percent by qualified financing events (i.e. companies that got funded after completing the program), 50 percent by the success of the companies that came out of an accelerator and finally 25 percent on accelerator program characteristics (i.e. money startups receive, equity accelerator takes, with a bonus for the size of the alumni base). Each accelerator was put through this methodology and then the rankings were generated. Here is the final ranking: (click to enlarge)

Robert Shedd came up with a pretty comprehensive semi-complete listing:

Global Seed-Stage Startup Accelerators

  1. Ann Arbor, MI – SPARK Business Accelerator –
  2. Atlanta, GA – Shotput Ventures –
  3. Athens, Greece – OpenFund
  4. Austin, TX – Capital Factory
  5. Austin, TX – TechRanch Austin
  6. Bangalore, India – iAccelerator –
  7. Bangalore, India – The Morpheus (formerly Morpheus Venture Partners –
  8. Bangalore, India – –
  9. Barcelona, Spain – SeedRocket
  10. Belfast, Northern Ireland – StartVI (Start 6)
  11. Berkley, CA – Berkley Ventures
  12. Bloomington, IN – Sproutbox
  13. Boulder, CO / Boston, MA / Seattle, WA – TechStars
  14. Boston, MA and other cities – IBM Smartcamp
  15. Boston, MA – Start@Spark –
  16. Cambridge, UK – Springboard –
  17. Champaign, IL – iVentures10
  18. Chicago, IL – Excelerate Labs
  19. China – Innovation Works –
  20. Copenhagen, Denmark – Startupbootcamp
  21. Dalian, China – China Accelerator –
  22. Dallas, TX – Tech Wildcatters
  23. Detroit, MI – Bizdom U
  24. Dublin, Ireland – NDRC’s Launch Pad –
  25. England – The Difference Engine –
  26. Greenville, SC – NextStart
  27. Hamburg, Germany – HackFwd
  28. Houston, TX – Houston Tech Center
  29. Italy – H-Farm
  30. Italy – Working Capital –
  31. Jordan – Oasis 500 (launching in August – no specific site yet)
  32. Lexington, MA / Menlo Park, CA – Summer@Highland Capital
  33. Lexington, KY – The Awesome Inc. Experience –
  34. Limerick, Ireland – The Greenhouse
  35. Lisbon, Portugal – Maverick/SeedCapital
  36. London, UK – Seedcamp
  37. Los Angeles, CA – LaunchPadLA
  38. Madrid, Spain – Tetuan Valley Startup School
  39. Menlo Park, CA – Lightspeed Venture Partners Summer Grants –
  40. Montreal, Ca – BOLIDEA –
  41. Montreal, Ca – Flow Ventures Accelerator Program
  42. Montreal, Ca – Montreal Startup –
  43. Mountain View, CA – Y Combinator
  44. Nashville, TN – JumpStart Foundry
  45. New York, NY – FirstGrowth Venture Network
  46. New York, NY – The Hatchery
  47. New York, NY – NYC SeedStart
  48. Orange County, CA – OCTANe LaunchPad –
  49. Orem, Utah – BoomStartup
  50. Phoenix, AZ – Gangplank
  51. Philadelphia, PA – DreamIt Ventures
  52. Philadelphia, PA – Startl – partners with DreamIt Ventures –
  53. Pittsburgh, PA – AlphaLab
  54. Portland, OR – The Portland Ten
  55. Providence, RI – Betaspring
  56. Redwood City, CA – Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE) Seed Program
  57. San Francisco, CA – The Start Project
  58. San Diego, CA – Springboard program at –
  59. San Francisco, CA – i/o Ventures –
  60. Seattle, WA – Founders Co-op
  61. Silicon Valley – PayPal Startup Accelerator –
  62. Singapore – Neoteny Labs
  63. Singapore – Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI)
  64. Sydney, Australia – SeedAccelerator
  65. Taipei, Taiwan – appWorks Ventures Incubator Program
  66. Toronto, Canada – Extreme Venture Partners University –
  67. Tokyo, Japan – Open Network Lab
  68. Utah – Startup Utah –
  69. Vancouver, Canada – BootupLabs
  70. Washington, D.C. / Durham, NC – LaunchboxDigital
  71. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – Impact Ventures –
  72. Wilmington, DE – BetaFish (on Facebook)
  73. Zeeland, MI – Momentum
  74. Multiple Locations – The Founder Institute
  75. Unknown Location – Youniversity Ventures

    Social Entrepreneurship

  76. Boulder, Colorado – Unreasonable Institute
  77. Philadelphia, PA – GoodCompany Ventures
  78. India – Dasra Social-Impact –

    University-Affiliated Startup Accelerator Programs

  79. Finland – Aalto University – Aalto Bootcamp
  80. Arizon State University – Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative
  81. Babson College – Summer Venture Program (no specific site avail)
  82. Berkeley Entrepreneurship Laboratory
  83. College of the Atlantic – Sustainable Ventures Incubator –
  84. Cornell University – eLabs
  85. Couri Hatchery at Syracuse University
  86. Duke University – DUhatch
  87. University of Michigan – RPM10 –
  88. University of Michigan’s “Techarb” Business Accelerator – and
  89. University of North Carolina – Carolina Launch Pad –
  90. Penn State University – Lion Launch Pad –
  91. University of Pennsylvania – Wharton Venture Initiation Program
  92. RIT Student Business Development Lab – (part of the Venture Creations program at RIT
  93. Santa Clara University – Global Social Benefit Incubator
  94. Stanford University – Student Startup Lab
  95. Syracuse University – Start-Up Accelerator –
  96. Syracuse Student Sandbox at the Tech Garden
  97. Union College – U-Start –
  98. The University of Texas at Austin – Texas Venture Labs
  99. Virginia Tech – DayOne Ventures –
  100. University of Waterloo – VeloCity “Dormcubator” –
  101. Wayne State University – SmartStart Business Development Program –
  102. Yale University – Yale Entrepreneurial Institute / Yale Startups –

EntreWorld also put together a pretty comprehensive listing of programs:

Advanced Technology Development Center
Incubators: The Advanced Technology Development Center exists to help technology-based entrepreneurs who reside in Georgia. Within the Center’s mission of supporting technology business is an educational component – to help provide the starting point for the entrepreneurial novice to begin climbing the steep learning curve that, in time, can produce a competitive technology business. Located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Alameda Center for Environmental Technology
Incubators: Focused on the promotion of environmental technology, the Alameda Center for Environmental Technologies is committed to: Nurturing new environmentally-related businesses; Providing “wet” laboratories for environmental entrepreneurs; Transferring innovative and new technologies from the national laboratories; and Offering businesses incubator services that help small business grow and prosper. Located in Alameda, California.

Appalachian Center for Economic Networks
Incubators: The Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet) is a community-based economic development organization. ACEnet’s purpose is to work with others in the area to create a healthy regional economy with many successful businesses and good jobs. ACEnet’s goal is for people with low incomes to move out of poverty permanently through employment or business ownership. Located in Athens, Ohio.

Applied Process Engineering Laboratory
Incubators: The Applied Process Engineering Laboratory is a state-of-the-art technology business startup center with engineering and manufacturing scale space as well as wet labs, bio labs, and business startup space. You can start up your business, plug in your prototype or pilot plant to our utilities, services, and permits and be up and running. You can develop and validate your new ideas in their labs and test spaces. They supply process and hood off gas, compressed air, vacuum, water and power. They also have air & water discharge permits, a waste storage permit and a RCRA R&D permit. Located in Richland, Washington.

Arizona Technology Incubator
Incubators: The Arizona Technology Incubator is a community sponsored non-profit Arizona corporation dedicated to nurturing the growth of start-up and emerging high technology businesses. The Incubator’s mission is to create new businesses and jobs that are vital to Arizona’s economic development. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Augusta-Richmond County Small Business Incubator (ARCSBI)
Incubators: The mission of the Augusta-Richmond County Small Business Incubator (ARCSBI) is to foster regional economic development by supporting entrepreneurs and small/disadvantaged businesses to rapidly commercialize technology-based products, processes or systems.
The ARCSBI is specifically designed to provide assistance to technology-based entrepreneurs with an emphasis on research and development and manufacturing businesses. Of special interest are those entrepreneurs who offer a product or service that has the potential to help create new jobs, show high-growth potential, and can enhance economic development efforts of this region. Located in Augusta, Georgia.

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Ben Franklin Technology Partners
Incubators: Ben Franklin Technology Partners is a statewide network that fosters innovation to stimulate Pennsylvania’s economic growth and prosperity. Operating regionally with four centers strategically located throughout the Commonwealth, Ben Franklin Technology Partners brings together the best of Pennsylvania’s people, ideas and technology to serve as a catalyst for advancing the state’s knowledge-based economy.
By providing knowledge and capital, development and application of new products, technologies, and ideas among entrepreneurs and established companies is supported. The group partners with educators, investors, professional service providers, and community, government, industry and labor leaders to help these companies succeed. The result: the creation and retention of good jobs, the successful development of promising start-ups, the growth of established companies, new approaches to community challenges, and a strong economic climate for Pennsylvania.

Biomedical Biotechnology Center
Incubators: The Biomedical Biotechnology Center (BBC) was established as a formal outgrowth of the interest in promoting Arkansas’ biotechnology industry. The College of Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) established the BBC to maximize industrial interaction with the University of Arkansas faculty, as well as to facilitate both technology transfer and the creation of start-up, biotech companies. The BBC is the hub connecting the intensive basic research to industry in order to advance Arkansan scientific and economic development. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

BioSquare is Boston’s leading biomedical research and business address. BioSquare combines state-of-the-art, built-to-suit research facilities with comprehensive tenant amenities and services all in one convenient campus covering 14 acres and offering over 2.5 million square feet of new laboratory and office space. Recently, BioSquare also opened a new, state-of-the-art life sciences incubator facility designed to serve the unique needs of promising start-up level biomedical research companies. BioSquare is directly adjacent to the Boston University Medical Campus and Boston Medical Center.

Bonner Business Center
Incubators: The Bonner Business Center (BBC) is a small business incubator created to encourage and assist the development of new businesses in North Idaho. The BBC provides affordable, ready-to-go facilities and a place where new and/or early stage businesses can operate and be prepared for long-term success. Located in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Border Environmental Commerce Alliance – BECA
Incubators: The mission of the Border Environmental Commerce Alliance (BECA) is to assist and promote environmental product and service businesses, to support the development and commercialization of environmentally-sustainable technologies, and to attract and incentivize companies utilizing environmentally friendly processes (including pollution prevention technologies) through successful public/private regionally-based partnerships. The BECA advances U.S./Mexico border area economic development and environmental protection through these cutting-edge business assistance initiatives. Located in Chula Vista, CA.

Business Center of Decatur
Incubators: The Business Center of Decatur is a business incubator in which a number of new and growing businesses operate with affordable rents, shared office services and access to professional, technical and financial assistance during early, critical stages of development. Located in Decatur, Illinois.

Business Cluster Development
Incubators: The Business Cluster Development (BCD) was created to assist communities in developing incubators or Business Clusters and to help start-up businesses to obtain inexpensive space, services, and management assistance. BCD uses an innovative model which utilizes donated facilities and furniture to provide low-cost and rapid creation of incubators. Located in West Altadena, California.

Business Innovation Center — Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Incubators: The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence is dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and self-determination in entrepreneurial economic development through the exploration and implementation of innovative concepts of enterprise stimulation, start up and growth. Located in Mobile, Alabama.

Business Resource Center
Incubators: The Business Resource Center is an organized effort to bring together new and existing organizations and programs to provide support systems that promote successful development of business. Designed to meet the needs of just about anyone who owns a small business or is interested in starting a business, the Business Resource Center houses several business assistance programs at the same location. Located in Waco, Texas.

Business Technology Center of Los Angeles County
Incubators: The mission of the Business Technology Center of Los Angeles County is to support regional economic revitalization by assisting in the development of start-up and early stage high technology firms. The Center is dedicated to the development of high technology firms through business management assistance, technical assistance, and the coordination of available financial resources. Located in Burbank, California.

Carbondale Technology Transfer Center
Incubators: The mission of the Carbondale Technology Transfer Center (CTTC) is to create new jobs as well as new opportunities for a whole new generation of Carbondale workers. The CTTC has diverse,far-reaching benefits to add to your bottom line.
The Center takes pride in providing its tenants and clients access to professional business, financial and technological expertise and resources that, in turn, can assist them in the development of their new businesses and products. In addition, the CTTC is committed to reach out to the Carbondale community at large to support the existing business community, to encourage the launching of new businesses and to generate new tenants for the Center. Located in Carbondale, Pennsylvania.

Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Incubators: The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence is dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and self-determination in Entrepreneurial Economic Development through the exploration and implementation of innovative concepts of enterprise stimulation, start-up and growth.
Established in 1993, The Center is a major expansion of the Business Innovation Center–Mobile, Alabama’s Business Incubator–and the entrepreneurial training and assistance programs which have been housed at the BIC since its inception in 1986. The BIC is under the joint sponsorship of the City of Mobile, the County of Mobile and the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce.

Center for Environmental Sciences and Technology Management
Incubators: The Center for Environmental Sciences and Technology Management’s High-Technology Business Incubator provides attractive, flexible office and laboratory space for start-up companies in high-technology fields such as: microelectronics, telecommunications, atmospherics, analytical material, computers, thin films and new materials, semiconductors and photonics. Located in Albany, New York.

Central Valley Business Incubator
Incubator: The Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI) is a program unlike any other in the Central Valley of California. Designed to stimulate economic growth and job creation in the Central Valley, CVBI offers business and technical support to entrepreneurs, as well as state-of-the-art physical resources to ensure the success of local business start-ups. The Incubator houses some 15 entrepreneurial firms in over 20,000 square feet of space. Located in Clovis, California.

Chicago Southland Arts Incubator
Incubators: Approximately 10,000 square feet of the 110,000 square foot, three-story structure called the Chicago Southland Enterprise Center has been designated for the arts. The Chicago Southland Arts Incubator, as it is known, houses art studios, the Union Street Gallery, and a reception room. Currently occupied by painters, photographers, pastel artists and more, the Arts Incubator provides an environment conducive to creativity and joint marketing efforts. Located in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Southland Enterprise Center
Incubators: The Chicago Southland Enterprise Center is a small business incubator owned and operated by Chicago Southland Development, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation. As a member of the National Business Incubation Association, the Enterprise Center constantly stays abreast of any sources for business assistance and legislative developments that affect the entrepreneur. Located in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

College of Southern Idaho Business Incubator
Incubators: The College of Southern Idaho Business Incubator offers assistance to start-up businesses by providing affordable rent, flexible space and lease options, business services and equipment, and consulting in the areas of management, bookkeeping, marketing and financing. In addition, the Incubator provides its tenants with the opportunity to “network” with other businesses and agencies. Located in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Colorado Advanced Technology Institute
Incubators: Through a number of public/private partnerships governed by industry led boards, the Colorado Advanced Technology Institute (CATI) fosters high-tech industrial growth through academic research and new business formations.
CATI programs encompass applied research, industry/university seed-grants, product and process development laboratories for students to work with industry, and business incubators. Located in Denver, Colorado.

Colorado Bio/Medical Venture Center:
Incubators: The Colorado Bio/Medical Venture Center (CBVC) is a bio/medical, new business incubator, equipped with high quality biological research laboratories and animal facilities as well as flexible office/assembly space. The CBVC’s primary mission is to facilitate the establishment of high-growth, bio/medical companies in the state. Secondarily, it endeavors to expand the state’s national and international presence in the bio/medical industry. Located in Lakewood, Colorado.

Communications Technology Cluster
Incubators: The Communications Technology Cluster (CTC) is the first incubator in the United States focused on providing business support to communications start-ups. CTC assists start-up and emerging businesses within a broad definition of for-profit communications technology firms. Located in Oakland, California.

Corry Industrial Center
Incubators: Seven small start-up businesses can be accommodated in this 24,000 square-foot flexible manufacturing facility. Firms can lease from 900 to 3500 square-feet of office, manufacturing, and warehouse space. An adjacent 33,000 square-foot facility is under construction to provide additional production space for new businesses. Located in Corry, Pennsylvania

CSI Business Incubator
Incubators: The CSI Business Incubator offers assistance to start-up businesses by providing affordable rent, flexible space and lease options, business services and equipment, and consulting in the areas of management, bookkeeping, marketing and financing. In addition, the Incubator provides its tenants with the opportunity to “network” with other businesses and agencies. Located in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Incubators: CTEK, formerly the Boulder Technology Incubator, is a community based business catalyst helping entrepreneurs with innovative technologies to develop and grow profitable, sustainable businesses. Located in Boulder, Colorado.

Decatur Business Incubator
Incubators: The Business Center of Decatur is a business incubator, in which a number of new and growing businesses operate with affordable rents, shared office services and access to professional, technical and financial assistance during early, critical stages of development. The Business Center of Decatur, which was created to nurture entrepreneurs, has joined forces with Millikin University and Tabor School of Business to provide a certificate program in Self-Employment Training. The Business Center helps bring new businesses and new jobs to Decatur. They give entrepreneurs the support they need to make it through those first few crucial years. Only 30% of all businesses survive their first five years… but when they start out in an incubator, 70% of them succeed. The Business Center can make the difference! Located in Decatur, Illinois.

Divine InterVentures
Incubators: Divine InterVentures is creating vital businesses for the new economy,and they are doing it at an accelerated pace. Divine gives promising Internet startups and corporate Internet spin-outs exactly what they need to build successful business-to-business Internet companies. They provide the nurturing environment, capital, and services that let Internet entrepreneurs focus their energy on their core businesses. Services like web design and development, sales and marketing, legal assistance, and IT hosting. Located in Lisle, Illinois.

Door County Economic Development Corporation
The Door County Economic Development Corporation is focused on building successful businesses throughout the regional area of Door County, Wisconsin. They have a variety of tools to help existing businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed, including: low-interest loans, business counseling, training programs, a small business incubator and on-staff professionals dedicated to assisting businesses in all stages of development. Additionally, they offer assistance to businesses seeking federal and state grants and loans to help fund their organizational growth.

East Tennessee State University Innovation Lab
The East Tennessee State University Innovation Lab is a full service incubator designed to support entrepreneurs and investors to affect the successful establishment of technology-based start-up and spin-off businesses in order to achieve technology transfer, create jobs, and enhance economic development within the region. The ETSU Innovation Laboratory is an economic development initiative of East Tennessee State University, partnered with the Tennessee Small Business Development Center and the ETSU Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.

Incubators: The Egg Company 2 (EC2) advances interactive communication through its business incubator, testbed facilities, and knowledge centers. These divisions work together to create new companies, new technologies and new explorations in emerging media. Located in Los Angeles, California.

Enterprise Center
Incubators: The Enterprise Center is a mixed-use business park with space available to established companies and those seeking their first commercial address. The Center features on-site support services, as well as an unusual business incubator program and an entrepreneurs’ network to help new and emerging businesses develop and thrive on the North Shore. Located in Salem, Massachusetts.

Enterprise Center of Johnson County
Incubators: The mission of the Enterprise Center of Johnson County is to stimulate business creation and employment in Johnson County by providing value-added resources and services to early stage, high growth-oriented companies. Located in Lenexa, Kansas.

Enterprise Center of Louisiana
Incubators: The mission of the Enterprise Center of Louisiana is to provide an environment in which a new or small emerging business can learn effective business practices while actually engaging in business operations with the end result of creating jobs and diversifying the economy. Located in Carencro, Louisiana.

Enterprise Development Center, Inc.
Incubators: The NJIT Enterprise Development Center (NJIT-EDC) accelerates the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services, developed or orchestrated by EDC management, and offered both in the incubator and through its network of contacts. EDC’s main goal is to produce successful firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding. These incubator “graduates” create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, commercialize critical new technologies and strengthen local and national economies. Management guidance and consulting suitable for young, growing companies is critical to our mission. The incubator program also provides clients access to appropriate rental space and flexible leases, shared basic services and equipment, technology support services, and assistance in obtaining the financing necessary to company growth. Located in Newark, New Jersey.

Enterprise Development Corporation of South Florida
Incubators: Enterprise Development Corporation (EDC) is a public/private not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to assisting high-tech companies develop and grow. It provides the necessary professional business services that enable a company to grow from an idea into a productive reality. This is done through assistance with strategic planning, strategic alliances, funding, and technology transfer.
EDC prepares companies to raise capital funds, structure and implement strategic alliances and to grow and build their revenue. New technology products and services are essential for the creation of new companies and the evolution of existing ones.
The mission at EDC is to facilitate the creation, growth and development of highly attractive, technology-based, market-niche enterprises that will have a long-term positive economic impact. Located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Enterprise North Florida Corporation
Incubators: Enterprise North Florida Corporation (ENFC) is an independent not-for-profit corporation committed to its mission of nurturing job growth in North Florida’s high-technology and manufacturing industries. To accomplish this, ENFC provides its clients with the critical elements of start up and growth. Located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Entrepreneurial Center
Incubators: Entrepreneurial Center is a nonprofit business incubation program dedicated to helping emerging service and light manufacturing businesses develop, grow and succeed. It provides affordable space and services as well as on-site business consulting, training opportunities and dedicated T1 internet access with website development and hosting. Entrepreneurial Center is an economic development organization sponsored by the City of Birmingham and the private business community. Located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Entrepreneurial Center: Business Incubation in Birmingham
Incubators: The Entrepreneurial Center is dedicated to helping small service and light manufacturing businesses develop, grow, and succeed. By providing business plan counseling, a strong support network, and affordable space and services to start-up businesses, the Center encourages entrepreneurship while minimizing some of the risk. Located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Entrepreneurial Development Center
Incubators: The Entrepreneurial Development Center (EDC) is Houston’s first and Texas’ oldest business incubator. The EDC pioneered business development and entrepreneurial education programs to accelerate business growth for entrepreneur’s in emerging businesses. The EDC provides the resources, methodology and environment to accelerate business growth of client entrepreneurs and is paid a development fee based on the success of the venture. Located in Houston, Texas.

Entrepreneur’s Entrance,THRIVE – Business Incubation Services
Incubators: The Enterprise Center offers marketing & sales, management information systems & technology, legal, human resources, accounting & financial planning and specialized consulting services to all of its clients through our hands-on, highly structured incubation program. Our services are based on quarterly strategic planning systems, followed by one-on-one referral to in-house business “coaches” who focus on specific disciplines and needs. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Florida/NASA Business Incubation Center
Incubators: The Florida/NASA Business Incubation Center is a business incubator serving the location needs of early-stage technology-based entrepreneurs. The Center seeks to encourage and stimulate technology-based small business formation, growth, and success. Through offering affordable space, shared office equipment and services, the Center makes it possible to reduce many of the costs associated with establishing and operating a business. Located in Titusville, Florida.

Foodworks Culinary Center
Incubators: The Foodworks Culinary Center (Foodworks) is an economic development project of the Arcata Economic Development Corporation. It began operations in 1991. Foodworks is a business incubator for food processors. It provides a fully equipped FDA approved commercial kitchen for rent by the hour and kitchen spaces for long-term lease. Located in Arcata, California.

Genesis Business Centers, Ltd.
Incubators: The Genesis Business Centers, Ltd. offers a program of rent combined with valuable professional services in exchange for a negotiated equity position in your company. Genesis is looking for the best and the brightest of the new high-tech start-ups in Minnesota. Located in Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

GENESIS Technology Incubator
Incubators: The GENESIS Technology Incubator was established in 1986 to facilitate the development of technology-based business enterprises and the resulting prospective increased employment. GENESIS was founded to deal with the issues of technology transfer/commercialization and how a university hosted business incubator may benefit the state. Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Golden Triangle Enterprise Center
Incubators: The Golden Triangle Enterprise Center was established to assist new, high technology companies in overcoming the hardships of starting a new business. Currently the Center is home to software development, geographical information system, Web page design and service, online cattle auction, graphic design, and design simulation companies. Located in Starkville, Mississippi.

Hamilton County Business Center
Incubators: The Hamilton County Business Center (HCBC) is a business incubator that offers small businesses a place to grow. HCBC provides entrepreneurs with more than just affordable space. Business Assistance and shared administrative services are also available. With over 75,000 square feet of space, low affordable rent and a wide array of services available, the Business Center is ideal for small businesses that want to succeed.

Health-Medical Enterprise Center
Incubators: The Health-Medical Enterprise Center (H-MEC) is a business incubator for fast-track health and medical related business owners. The H-MEC uses business development and entrepreneurial education programs pioneered by the Entrepreneurial Development Center, Houston’s first and Texas’ oldest business incubator, to accelerate business growth for entrepreneur’s in emerging businesses. Located in Houston, Texas.

High Technology of Rochester
Incubators: The mission of High Technology of Rochester (HTR) is to enhance working relationships among government, industry, academia, and professional organizations in ways which will facilitate business development and growth. HTR can also provide assistance to start-ups which may result from innovation regarding interactive multimedia. Located in Rochester, New York.

Incubators: Idealab creates and operates Internet businesses. Founded in March 1996, by entrepreneur Bill Gross, Idealab currently has more than 20 businesses in various stages of development. In addition to capital, Idealab provides a full range of resources to infuse startup companies with the development strategies and financial support needed to rapidly introduce innovative products and services. Resources include office space and the accompanying network infrastructure, consulting and services relating to development and technology, graphic design, marketing, competitive research, legal, accounting and business development support and services. Located in Pasadena, California

Inland Empire Business Incubator
Incubators: The purpose of the Inland Empire Business Incubator is to provide an environment that nurtures start-up and expanding businesses. This is achieved by providing business office space at attractive rental rates, providing on-site business support services, and access to shared resources. The overall goal is to increase the odds of a business surviving the critical start-up years. Located in San Bernadino, California.

Innovation Center at Ohio University
Incubators: Ohio University’s Innovation Center Program is a business incubator. Established in 1983, it is one of the oldest university-based incubators in the United States. The Innovation Center serves as a means to address the University’s regional economic development mission, as well as providing an outlet for commercialization of University technology. Located in Athens, Ohio.

International Business Center
Incubators: The International Business Center (IBC) is a business incubator for fast-track importers, exporters and international business owners. The IBC uses business development and entrepreneurial education programs pioneered by the Entrepreneurial Development Center, Houston’s first and Texas’ oldest business Incubator, to accelerate business growth for entrepreneurs in emerging businesses. Located in Houston, Texas

International Business Incubator
Incubators: The International Business Incubator (IBI) is designed to be the first home for international companies expanding to the United States for the first time. IBI has furnished space to house more than 45 resident clients who are ready to open their first U.S. office. Resident clients rent on month to month leases and many stay at the IBI for up to 2 years. Located in San Jose, California.

Lawrence Regional Technology Center
Incubators: The Lawrence Regional Technology Center (LRTC) is a not-for-profit small business incubator that offers valuable resources and services to support the formation and growth of high-technology start-up companies in Lawrence and the surrounding communities (e.g. Topeka, Eudora, Baldwin City and Atchison, et al.). Our mission is to provide business development assistance to early-stage businesses that have spun off from the University of Kansas, as well as to local entrepreneurs who would like to create their own high-technology firms. LRTC works with all types of technology-based companies, with a particular focus on life sciences, information technology, communications and software.

Lewis Incubator for Technology
Incubators: The Lewis Incubator for Technology (LIFT) is a business incubator designed to nurture new and emerging technology businesses. LIFT is a cooperative effort of the NASA Lewis Research Center, the Ohio Department of Development, Enterprise Development, Inc., the Great Lakes Industrial Technology Center, and BP America. LIFT’s primary objectives are to create business and jobs in the State of Ohio, and to increase commercial value of technology developed at the NASA Lewis Research Center. Located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Long Island High Technology Incubator
Incubators: The Long Island High Technology Incubator is a place where start-up companies can begin work immediately without any hassles. It is also the center of an economic development network of affiliations with strong ties to organizations particularly driven by technology, in both the public and private sectors. Located in Stony Brook, New York.

Louisiana Business & Technology Center
Incubators: The Louisiana Business & Technology Center (LBTC) began in 1988 as a joint venture between LSU, the Greater Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce and the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority. The LBTC is part of LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business Administration. There are three parts to the LBTC: 1) the small business Incubator provides administrative assistance and overhead facilities to start-up companies allowing them to concentrate on marketing and production; 2) the Management Assistance Office (MAO) assists with business plans, feasibility studies, marketing strategies, and financial, operational and general management consulting; and 3) the Louisiana Technology Transfer Office (LTTO) is run under a contract with the Louisiana Department of Economic Development to be a window for Louisiana businesses to tap into the vast pool of technology developed by federal laboratories. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Massachusetts Innovation Center
Incubators: The mission of the Massachusetts Innovation Center is to provide flexible space with unparalleled Internet connectivity, business and technical support services, and a dedicated investment fund. The Center uses a variety of “harvesting” techniques including, acquisition, royalty and licensing fees, and equity appreciation. Located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

MBI International/Bio-Business Incubator of Michigan
Incubators: The MBI International/Bio-Business Incubator of Michigan (BBIM) is an independent non-profit subsidiary created specifically to meet the unique requirements of start-up biotechnology firms. BBIM offers tenants access to R&D expertise and linkages to marketing and shared service and support resources. Located in Lansing, Michigan.

Meridian Technology Center for Business Development
Incubators: The Meridian Technology Center for Business Development is a business innovation facility designed to encourage the development of new and emerging companies. The Center is a 15,000 square foot facility with private offices, general work space and light manufacturing areas. This environment provides entrepreneurs, early-stage technology companies, service companies and companies seeking to commercialize new products the support and strategic assistance necessary to realize their business ideas. Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Michigan Biotechnology Institute International/Biobusiness Incubator of Michigan
Incubators: Michigan Biotechnology Institute International/Biobusiness Incubator of Michigan (MBI) International is a business entrepreneurial center. It is a private, non-profit technology research and business development corporation. MBI works with individuals, industry and government to develop technology and commercialize it through processes that are biobased – that are environmentally friendly and safe.
From the laboratory shelf to the market shelf, many good ideas are languishing in labs throughout the world because the inventors have no way of taking them the next step. At MBI, the appropriate next steps are known and the staff and facilities to develop commercially-viable products and processes are available.
MBI uses its subsidiary companies, Grand River Technologies, Inc. (GRT) and the BioBusiness Incubator of Michigan (BBIM) to act as “lightning rods” to commercialize biobased technologies. GRT commercializes new technologies by creating new companies, joint ventures or by licensing the technology. BBIM is a non-profit incubator – the only incubator in the Midwest specializing in the biotechnology sector. Located in Lansing, Michigan.

Mid-America Commercialization Corporation
Incubators: The Mid-America Commercialization Corporation (MACC) was established to help develop, transfer, and commercialize new technologies. The objective is to create high value jobs and increase prosperity in Manhattan and the outlying regions of Kansas. MACC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community, academic, and government leaders, and staffed by internationally experienced managers, with proven track records of achievement. MACC’s staff resources include Graduate Interns supported by a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City. Located in Manhattan, Kansas.

Missouri Office of Productivity: State Innovation Centers
Incubators: The mission of the Missouri Office of Productivity is to increase the wealth of Missouri manufacturers and technology-based business ventures by improving their ability to compete in a global economy. This mission is accomplished through a series of state programs and networks with other organizations in Missouri which, also, exist to assist Missouri businesses. Located in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Montgomery Area Small Business Incubator
Incubators: The Montgomery Area Center for Entrepreneurial Development (MACED) is a non-profit Small Business Incubator program for new service and light manufacturing businesses in the Montgomery area. MACED provides an environment in which these businesses can develop, grow and succeed by offering: Management Assistance in the form of professional counseling, guidance in developing business plans, cash flow projections and market research. Located in Montgomery, Alabama.

NASA Ames Research Center: Office of Technology Partnerships
Incubators: The NASA Research Center: Office of Technology Partnerships, The Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP) facilitates the development of NASA mission-related technology through joint-development partnerships with industry, academia, and other government agencies in order to reduce NASA’s technology life-cycle costs and transfer NASA technology to the private sector. Located in San Jose, California.

National Business Incubation Association
Incubators: The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) provides members with the resources needed to develop and manage successful business incubators. To find an incubator in your area, please visit their site at:

Nidus Center for Scientific Enterprise
Incubators: Nidus Center is a very unique business incubator that will provide high value-added services and resources to its clients. Most of you who are first time entrepreneurs will perceive that the primary benefit of a center such as ours is the tangible direct dollars and cents benefits of lower rent, cheaper professional service etc. In fact, those of us who have been in the entrepreneurial assistance business for some time know that it is the intangible benefits they bring you that are the most critical to your success. Services such as business planning assistance and providing a customized business guide, advisory boards, mentoring, negotiations and management building assistance, intellectual property building and the Nidus network will be the most important critical factors in your success. Located in St. Louis, MO.

Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial System
Incubators: The Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial System is a business incubation program for start-up service and light manufacturing businesses. The System supports business ideas from the early stage of company development until the graduation stage of growth. Located in Anniston, Alabama.

Northwestern University/Evanston Research Park
Incubators: The mission of The Northwestern University/Evanston Research Park, is to accelerate technology transfer from the laboratory to the marketplace by means of a research environment that combines the resources of a major university, a progressive community, and private industry.
The Park has three major research thrusts: materials and manufacturing technology; biotechnology; and software development, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence.
A joint venture of the City of Evanston and Northwestern University, the Research Park operates an incubator anchoring a comprehensive business development network that includes the Evanston Business Investment Corp. (EBIC), a seed capital and lending fund; and a Small Business Development Center, supported by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs and the Small Business Administration. Located in Evanston, Illinois.

Oakland Communications Technology Cluster
Incubators: The Oakland Communications Technology Cluster is the first incubator in the United States focused on providing business support to communications start-ups. Twenty-five young businesses from a variety of market sectors are provided a range of advantages, including affordable, furnished office space and support, business advice to encourage growth, networking and partnering with Cluster companies and sponsors, business service provider and financing assistance. Located in Oakland, California.

Office for the Advancement of Developing Industries
Incubators: The Office for the Advancement of Developing Industries (OADI) is a business incubator that assists high technology companies in marketing and commercializing their products and services. The mission of OADI is to provide Birmingham-based, technology oriented entrepreneurs with a unique environment which will enhance their start-up companies’ chances for success. Located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ohio University’s Innovation Center Program
Incubators: Ohio University’s Innovation Center Program is a business incubator for high-technology firms. The Innovation Center Program serves as a means to address the University’s regional economic development mission, and to provide an outlet for commercialization of University technology. Located in Athens, Ohio.

Oregon Innovation Center
Incubators: The Oregon Innovation Center is a support center for technology based companies and entrepreneurs. Utilizing existing and emerging technologies, The Center provides virtual and physical incubator space, capital sourcing, economic facilities, and a wide range of support services to the technological businesses of the future. Located in Redmond, Oregon.

Owatonna Business Incubator
Incubator: Since 1988, the Owatonna Business Incubator has been helping to foster small business growth by creating environments conducive to entrepreneurial success. Businesses that locate in the Incubator have the resources — loading docks, high ceilings, electrical power, conference room, modern offices, parking — as an all in one facility built specifically as a business incubator. Located in Owatonna, Minnesota.

Photonic Incubator/Technology Transfer
Incubators: The Beckman Laser Institute has established a Photonic Incubator to utilize photonic technologies in the development of new biomedical systems for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. This project utilizes the Institute’s existing facilities, scientific and medical expertise, and extensive corporate contacts and also incorporates newly constructed facilities to provide a unique and innovative resource for technology transfer in the area of medical photonics that will have a major impact on healthcare. Located in Irvine, California.

Photonics Development Center
Incubators: The Photonics Development Center (PDC) is a part of the STARTech Business Development Center and is dedicated to the creation of new high technology startup companies based on rapidly emerging photonics applications. The PDC is a joint alliance developed by STARTech in assistance with several global information technology companies, university resources, and venture capital firms. STARTech and the PDC alliance are committed to promoting and developing Texas as a key region for development of applications and new companies based on this important technology. Located in Richardson, Texas.

Port of Benton
Incubators: The Port of Benton administrates four business incubation facilities. The idea is to provide short-term leases with reduced lease rates in an effort to nurture new businesses, improving their chances for development and expansion. Located in Richland, Washington.

Purdue Research Park
Incubators: The Business & Technology Center offers 28,000 sq. ft. of space and is able to accommodate a wide range of office needs whether it be general office space or laboratory facilities.
Space at the Business & Technology Center rents for $11.00/sq. ft. and includes utilities. The installation of utility chases throughout the building allows for ease in changing and updating wiring as needed. Tenants can take advantage of the shared conference room and secretarial services. In addition to amenities offered within the Business and Technology Center itself, tenants also have access to conference facilities and other common areas in the Purdue Technology Center. Located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Recycling Development Incubator
Incubators: The Recycling Development Incubator (RDI) is a nonprofit effort to help create a stronger local market along the Front Range for the “hard-to-recycle” materials such as mixed color glass, plastic waste, low-grade mixed paper, and many other potential recyclables. Located in Lakewood, Colorado.

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
Incubators: Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center was founded in 1985 to empower and enhance the entrepreneurial capabilities of socially and economically diverse Bay Area residents. A non- profit organization, Renaissance draws on the support of local government, corporations and foundations to offer comprehensive assistance to budding entrepreneurs. The Center’s ever-expanding offerings are tailored to the small business owner and include classroom training, business incubation, financing assistance and computer training. Located in San Francisco, California.

Rensselaer Incubator Program
Incubators: The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Incubator Program provides a uniquely supportive environment for nurturing new technological ventures. The Incubator leases low cost office, laboratory, and light manufacturing space to participating new ventures; provides shared office equipment and services; connects entrepreneurs to university and community resources; facilitates access to a broad-based network of business, financial and technical experts; and provides education and training programs to enhance the knowledge and experience of participating entrepreneurs. Located in Troy, New York.

Research and Technology Park
Incubators: At the Research and Technology Park at Washington State University, innovative ideas and technology developed by WSU’s accomplished faculty members are making their way into the commercial environment. The easy-to-manage environment, access to the resources of a distinguished institution of higher education, and the University’s strong organizational support for the Park’s tenants make WSU’s Research and Technology Park one of the premiere locations in the nation for advancing your idea toward the marketplace. Located in Pullman, Washington.

Research Park at the University of Illinois
Incubators: The mission of the Research Park at the University of Illinois is to facilitate and expedite the efforts of entrepreneurs, fledgling firms, and established firms to commercialize technology and information generated in programs of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences and other units of the University of Illinois. Located in Urbana, Illinois.

Rural Development Center
Incubators: The Rural Development Center’s mission is to strengthen and diversify the rural economy of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The Center strives to increase incomes, the local tax base and jobs by providing technical assistance to counties, communities, and businesses. The Center collaborates with local higher education institutions, governments and the private sector to accomplish this mission. Located in Princess Anne, Maryland.

Rural Technology Incubator
Incubators: The Rural Technology Incubator is designed to provide a seedbed to help innovators and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The Incubator assists startups by providing them with supportive, creative places in which to work as a team. Located next to the University of North Dakota campus in Grand Forks, the Rural Technology Incubator offers university talent, technology, training, and technical assistance to help business startups develop and test-market new products, ideas, technologies, and ventures. Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Santa Barbara Technology Group
Incubators: Santa Barbara Technology Group, LLC is a private investment and consulting firm engaged primarily in working with, and acquiring equity from, early-stage technology companies. The firm has become an important connection for any high-tech start-up on the Central Coast. They provide world-class management assistance, strategic guidance, and valuable connections for entrepreneurs. They provide young companies access to financing and operational and technological infrastructure.

Santa Fe Business Incubator
Incubators: The Santa Fe Business Incubator (SFBI) fosters economic development in Santa Fe city and county. The SFBI help entrepreneurs who bring their businesses to the Incubator grow and prosper. Their success provides employment opportunities, diversifies the economy, increases job opportunities, and raises the standard of living, thus enhancing the quality of life for all residents of the community. Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Software Business Center
Incubators: The Software Business Center (SBC) is a business incubator for fast-track software developers and computer related business owners. The SBC uses business development and entrepreneurial education programs pioneered by the Entrepreneurial Development Center, Houston’s first and Texas’ oldest business incubator center, to accelerate business growth for entrepreneur’s in emerging businesses. Located in Houston, Texas.

Software Business Cluster
Incubators: The Software Business Cluster (SBC) is a business incubator that provides entrepreneurs with access to resources, a “know how” network and shared services. The SBC is a non-profit entity, supported by leading businesses and organizations within Silicon Valley and offers a professional facility for 20 to 30 software start-ups and emerging businesses. Located in San Jose, California.

South DeKalb Business Incubator
Incubators: The South Dekalb Business Incubator (SDBI) is a non-profit incubator program for service, distribution and light manufacturing businesses in the South Dekalb area. The purpose of SDBI is to assist small business in growing, developing, and providing employment opportunities. Located in Decatur, Georgia.

Incubators: STARTech is a for-profit business development organization that assists high-technology entrepreneurs and early-stage startup companies. Entrepreneurial companies admitted into STARTech have access to seed funding, mentoring, coaching, business plan and market strategy assistance, connections with prominent venture capital firms, and contacts with leading technology corporations, service companies, and area universities. Located in Richardson, Texas.

Stevens Technology Ventures Incubator
Incubators: The mission of Stevens Technology Ventures Incubator (TVI) is to encourage and assist potential entrepreneurs with innovative ideas or commercially attractive technology to start their own companies on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology in a supportive environment. TVI directs its effort toward meeting the special needs of technological entrepreneurs by providing scientific and technical expertise, together with experienced business guidance, to assist in accelerating the commercial application of high-value technology. Located in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Superior Business Center Inc.
Incubators: The Superior Business Center, Inc. (SBC) is an economic development program serving Douglas County and the greater region. Its mission is to “foster economic development in Superior and Douglas County through the provision of leased space and/or other resources to both existing and start-up businesses.” In addition, the Center encourages the creation of new, viable business enterprises; the generation and retention of long-term, self-sustaining job opportunities; and the diversification of our economic base. Located in Superior, Wisconsin.

Technology 2020 Information Technology Incubator
Incubators: Technology 2020 is a public-private partnership leveraging East Tennessee’s information technology resources to create an entrepreneurial environment, develop high-speed information infrastructure and establish a pipeline of qualified IT professionals. Located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Technology Advancement Program
Incubators: The Technology Advancement Program is an incubator facility offering space and support services for early-stage companies engaged in developing technology-based products or services with commercial potential. Companies involved in the Program can adapt their research to market requirements while gaining business experience. Located in College Park, Maryland.

Technology Development Center
Incubators: The mission of the Technology Development Center is to help launch growing technology-based companies whose success will provide economic benefits and employment opportunities to the citizens of Nebraska. The Center is a 23,000 square foot building with approximately 14,000 square feet of lab, production, and office space available for lease. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Alameda Center for Environmental Technologies
Incubators: ACET, the Alameda Center for Environmental Technologies, is a business incubator helping environmental and biotech start-ups grow and prosper in the San Francisco Bay Area. ACET offers an outstanding location, expert business resources, and links to technology, expertise, and markets at home and abroad.
ACET is centrally located in the Bay Area, the center for high tech business innovation, venture capital and investment in the U.S. Situated at Alameda Point, at the historic Alameda Naval Air Station, ACET offers an excellent environment for starting a new business or for opening operations in the San Francisco Bay Area. The facility, located in the former Navy Materials and Fuel testing laboratories, features state-of-the-art laboratories and offices.
In-house benefits include easy access to professional staff for business mentoring and an on-going business seminar series. A collegial atmosphere is provided so entrepreneurs can meet and network with each other. A network of business services saves clients valuable time and energy finding the professionals they need to grow their businesses. Common facilities include a fax and copier and attractive conferencing facilities with Power Point projector, overhead projector, and conference call capacity. Access to these facilities helps clients keep costs low, while letting them operate with the capacity, look, and feel of a large company.
The unique cooperative agreement between ACET and the French Innovation Center at Savoie Technolac gives clients fast track access to European Union markets and to emerging European technologies. ACET’s affiliation with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California State University at Hayward and the Oakland office of the Department of Energy further link ACET clients to new technologies, expert advice, and grant funding. Located in San Francisco, CA.

The CASE Center
Incubators: The mission of the CASE Center is to develop a high-technology economy in New York State by leveraging the intellectual (and other) resources of Syracuse University, and by collaborating with New York State businesses and other economic development organizations. The Center currently offers business incubation services, as well as technology exploration, technology services, visiting researcher exchange, and information dissemination. Located in Syracuse, New York.

The Chattanooga/Hamilton County Business Development Center
Incubators: The Chattanooga/Hamilton County Business Development Center (BDC) opened in March 1988 to provide entrepreneurial support for start-up companies.
One of the BDC’s greatest assets is the network of entrepreneurs who share ideas and exchange services with other businesses in the facility – creating synergy and a support system rarely found elsewhere in today’s business world.
The BDC is recognized for its success and is among the top business incubators in the nation. National awards include 1992 NBIA Tenant of the Year,1995 NBIA Graduate of the Year, and 1997 National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) Manufacturing / Service Incubator of the Year. Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Economic Development Center of St. Charles County (EDC): Small Business Incubator
Incubators: The Economic Development Center seeks to help build a stronger, thriving and self-supporting economy for St. Charles County through investment, job growth, and retention. Located in St. Charles County, Missouri.

The Enterprise Center at Salem State College
Incubators: The Enterprise Center at Salem State College provides a supportive and nurturing environment for new and expanding enterprises whose services and development efforts benefit from and contribute to the academic, social and cultural mission of Salem State College. The Center manifests the commitment of the College Community to be a major force in the economic and cultural development of the North Shore in the 21st Century and a “good neighbor” in the City of Salem. Located in Salem, Maine.

The Entrepreneur Business Center
Incubators: The Entrepreneur Business Center has 200,000 square feet of rentable space. Cold, bulk and records storage and remote parking space are available for lease.
Services assist in locating financing. Shared office services. Free seminars on a variety of topics. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Findlay Market Kitchen Incubator
Incubators: “Heart of the Market,” an important part of the Findlay Market Revitalization Project, focuses on fostering the economic and cultural vitality of the surrounding community. The “Heart of the Market” plan includes five key initiatives: Kitchen Incubator, Youth Market Gardening, Art in the Market, Microenterprise Development/Revolving Loan Fund, and a Visitor’s Center/History Project. Located in Cincinatti, Ohio.

The Hampton Roads Technology Incubator
Incubators: The purpose of the Hampton Toads Technology Incubator (HRTI) is to promote economic development of Hampton Roads through the commercialization of new technologies developed at NASA’s Langley Research Center, the local universities, and other regional government and industrial R&D Laboratories. The mission of the HRTI is to:

  • Increase the number of successful technology-based companies originating in, developing in, or relocating to the Hampton Roads area
  • Help technology-based companies gain access to the technologies that will help them better compete in a global marketplace
  • Sponsor and administer programs to nurture new entrepreneurs in establishing and operating their companies. Located in Hampton, Virginia.

The New River Valley Competitiveness Center

    Incubators: The

New River Valley Competitiveness Center

    is a 31,081 square foot facility designed as a “gateway” to the New River Valley and an example of innovative planning to incorporate a mix of uses. Developed by the New River Valley Development Corporation, the Center is part of an effort to enhance opportunities for businesses within the New River Valley. It serves as an initial seeding location for entrepreneurs and manufacturing/industrial companies wishing to expand. Located in Radford, Virginia.

The Technology Innovation Center
Incubators: The Technology Innovation Center (TIC) is a business incubator dedicated to supporting the growth of very early stage technology-based businesses. It is an extremely entrepreneurial business environment that fosters collaboration and sharing among young companies, while respecting the independence and self-reliance that motivates entrepreneurs. It is a community with a culture that supports risk-taking, invention and the creation of wealth. Located in Evanston, Illinois.

The William C. Goodridge Business Resource Center
Incubators: The William C. Goodridge Business Resource Center is a comprehensive program providing business counseling, a small business incubator facility, access to sources of funding and mentoring opportunities to minority-owned, woman-owned and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs throughout York County. We provide a true, one-stop shop for information and assistance for start-up companies whether they become tenants in the Goodridge Center or open their businesses in any community within York County. Located in York, Pennsylvania.

The Youngstown Business Incubator
Incubators: The mission of the Youngstown Business Incubator is to accelerate the formation, growth and success rates of start-up companies in the Mahoning Valley.
Since 1996, the Youngstown Business Incubator has been successful in accomplishing its mission by providing qualified start-up companies with no cost or low cost office space, equipment and technology, and access to a wide range of high-quality administrative, management, technical and professional services that they typically would be unable to obtain or afford.
Select entrepreneurs who have been identified as having credible business concepts for launching fast growth companies may be eligible for the Youngstown Business Incubator’s Premier Enterprise Program (PEP). Located in Youngstown, Ohio.

Uniflow Center
Incubators: This incubator targets minority and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs. It offers a unique business program that assists prospective tenants through the entire start-up process from the idea stage to beginning operations. Space is available for six light industrial or cottage-type industries as well as for 10 businesses which need offices but do not yet require manufacturing space. Located in Erie, Pennsylvania.

University of Idaho Business Technology Incubator
Incubators: The University of Idaho Business Technology Incubator is a new $1.8 million facility, with over 17,000 square feet of space. The Incubator provides affordable space and an array of support services for young, growing companies. Located in Moscow, Idaho.
Unlimited Future, Incorporated
Incubators: The vision of Unlimited Future, Inc. (UFI), represents its dreams and hopes for the future. The Vision of UFI is to be a catalyst in eliminating barriers to the creation of successful business opportunities, allowing all people in the Tri-state area to realize their goals and potential.
The Mission of UFI is to provide for start-up and emerging businesses, a not-for-profit business development center which creates an environment for entrepreneurial success by providing a physical facility, education, and operational support, including the expertise of a network of advisors. The center is designed to assist participating businesses, especially minority businesses, in their efforts to reduce overhead expenses, compete effectively in markets, and create jobs. Located in Huntington, West Virginia.

Venture Center of Mid-Michigan
Incubators: The main goal of Venture Center, Inc. is to assist the diversification of the Mid-Michigan economy through the development of new businesses and jobs. The Center draws together the region’s business assistance resources to provide a nurturing environment for new enterprises. Located in Lansing, Michigan.

Venture Out Business Center
Incubators: The Venture Out Business Center is a small business incubator located in Madison, Indiana. With its modern hotels, great restaurants, strong industry and business advisory groups, Madison is the ideal city to promote the growth of new business. If you are:

  • a new business
  • an expanding business
  • a retrievable at-risk business
  • a service organization needing office space
  • a light manufacturer or warehouser

They Offer: low-cost floor space to light manufacturing and service-oriented companies. The tenants also have the use of shared office services.

On-site is the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) — a program of the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce — and the Service Corps of Retired Executives (S.C.O.R.E.). Both of these entities provide no cost, confidential advice and counseling to entrepreneurs. Located in Madison, Indiana.

Virtual Business Incubator
Incubators: This site, funded in part by the Office of Community Services, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides resources to help small businesses grow without having to locate in a brick-and-mortar incubator facility. Information is available on accounting, banking, insurance, marketing and legal matters, along with stories of successfully assisted businesses and various tools: calculators, statements, business plan forms and lists of mistakes to avoid. There’s also a section on county resources, and a search engine.

Washington State University Research and Technology Park
Incubators: To provide a supportive environment for companies formed to transfer intellectual property from WSU to the private sector; to increase interaction between WSU and business commercializing university research; to support other companies who desire to locate in the region; and to improve the economic base of the community and surrounding area. Located in Pullman, Washington.

Western New York Technology Development Center, Inc.
Incubators: The Western New York Technology Development Center is a private, not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to strengthen, expand, and diversify the technology & manufacturing base in Erie, Niagara, Allegany, Chautauqua & Cattaraugus counties. The Center’s business incubation program supports the creation and growth of new technical businesses by providing assistance to entrepreneurs. Located in Amherst, New York.

Women’s Business Assistance Center
Incubators: The purpose of the Women’s Business Assistance Center (WBAC) is to provide counseling, training, management and marketing assistance to women business owners both existing and start-up in Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama, with additional services provided in Escambia County, Florida.
The WBAC works very closely with other programs in these areas which assist small businesses, such as the Chambers of Commerce and Small Business Development Centers. Through its membership in the National Coalition of Women’s Business Organizations, the WBAC is in constant interactive communication with women all over the country who are promoting the welfare of women entrepreneurs. The WBAC was an original participant in developing the Online Women’s Business Center. The WBAC is located at the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence in Mobile, Alabama.

Women’s Business Center
Incubators: The Women’s Business Center is a business incubator for contemporary, fast-track women business owners and career professionals. The Center was the first such incubator in the nation to teach entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to women. The center uses business development and entrepreneurial education programs pioneered by the Entrepreneurial Development Center, Texas’ oldest business incubator. Located in Houston, Texas.

Webories has a listing of private accelerators:

  • SPARK Business Accelerator– Ann Arbor, MI
  • Shotput Ventures– Atlanta, GA
  • OpenFund– Athens, Greece
  • Capital Factory– Austin, TX
  • TechRanch Austin– Austin, TX
  • iAccelerator– Bangalore, India
  • The Morpheus(formerly Morpheus Venture Partners) – Bangalore, India
  •– Bangalore, India
  • SeedRocket– Barcelona, Spain
  • StartVI (Start 6)– Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Berkley Ventures– Berkley, CA
  • Sproutbox– Bloomington, IN
  • TechStars– Boulder, CO / Boston, MA / Seattle, WA
  • IBM Smartcamp– Boston, MA and other cities
  • Start@Spark– Boston, MA
  • Springboard– Cambridge, UK
  • iVentures10– Champaign, IL
  • Excelerate Labs– Chicago, IL
  • Innovation Works– China
  • Startupbootcamp– Copenhagen, Denmark
  • China Accelerator– Dalian, China
  • Tech Wildcatters– Dallas, TX
  • Bizdom U– Detroit, MI
  • NDRC’s Launch Pad– Dublin, Ireland
  • The Difference Engine– England
  • NextStart– Greenville, SC
  • HackFwd– Hamburg, Germany
  • Houston Tech Center– Houston, TX
  • H-Farm– Italy
  • Working Capital– Italy
  • Oasis 500 – Jordan
  • Summer@Highland Capital– Lexington, MA / Menlo Park, CA
  • The Awesome Inc. Experience– Lexington, KY
  • The Greenhouse– Limerick, Ireland
  • Maverick/SeedCapital– Lisbon, Portugal
  • Seedcamp– London, UK
  • LaunchPadLA– Los Angeles, CA
  • Tetuan Valley Startup School– Madrid, Spain
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners Summer Grants– Menlo Park, CA
  • BOLIDEA– Montreal, Ca
  • Flow Ventures Accelerator Program– Montreal, Ca
  • Montreal Startup– Montreal, Ca
  • Y Combinator– Mountain View, CA
  • JumpStart Foundry– Nashville, TN
  • FirstGrowth Venture Network– New York, NY
  • The Hatchery– New York, NY
  • NYC SeedStart– New York, NY
  • OCTANe LaunchPad– Orange County, CA
  • BoomStartup– Orem, Utah
  • Gangplank– Phoenix, AZ
  • DreamIt Ventures– Philadelphia, PA
  • Startl– partners with DreamIt Ventures – Philadelphia, PA
  • AlphaLab– Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Portland Ten– Portland, OR
  • Betaspring– Providence, RI
  • Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE) Seed Program– Redwood City, CA
  • The Start Project– San Francisco, CA
  • Springboard program at– San Diego, CA
  • i/o Ventures– San Francisco, CA
  • Founders Co-op– Seattle, WA
  • PayPal Startup Accelerator– Silicon Valley
  • Neoteny Labs– Singapore
  • Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI)– Singapore
  • SeedAccelerator– Sydney, Australia
  • appWorks Ventures Incubator Program– Taipei, Taiwan
  • Extreme Venture Partners University– Toronto, Canada
  • Open Network Lab– Tokyo, Japan
  • Startup Utah– Utah
  • BootupLabs– Vancouver, Canada
  • LaunchboxDigital– Washington, D.C. / Durham, NC
  • Impact Ventures– Waterloo, Ontario, Canada –
  • BetaFish– Wilmington, DE –
  • Momentum– Zeeland, MI –
  • The Founder Institute
  • Youniversity Ventures
  • Weboriesalso lists University-affiliated links:

    Finally, the National Incubator Industry Association also lists state incubation associations.

    U.S. State Incubation Associations


    Alabama Business Incubation Network
    1020 Ninth Avenue S.W.
    Bessemer, Alabama 35022
    Devron A. Veasley, Chairman
    Tel: (205) 481-2101
    Fax: (205) 481-2100


    Arkansas Business Incubator Manager Association
    c/o GENESIS Technology Incubator
    1 University of Arkansas Engineering Research Center
    Fayetteville, AR 72701
    Tel: (501) 575-7227
    Fax: (501) 575-7446


    Colorado Business Incubator Association
    c/o Alcott Administrative Services
    2738 S. Newton Street
    Denver, CO 80236
    Tel: 303-934-9117
    Fax: 303-934-1266


    Connecticut Business Incubator Network
    c/o Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology
    222 Pitkin St.
    Suite 101
    East Hartford, CT 06108
    POC: Paul Striebel
    Tel: (860) 282-4231
    Fax: (860) 291-4296


    Florida Business Incubation Association
    12201 Research Pkwy, Ste. 501
    Orlando, FL 32826
    Tom O’Neal, Chairman
    Tel: (407) 420-4888
    Fax: (407)-737-2512
    Julie Matthews, FBIA Manager
    Tel: (407) 489-0387


    Indiana Business Incubator Association
    c/o Innovation Pointe
    318 Main Street
    Evansville, IN 47708
    Tel: (812) 426-9991
    Fax: (812) 426-6138


    Louisiana Business Incubation Association
    c/o Metro/Regional Business Incubator
    7100 West Park Rd.
    Shreveport, LA 70894
    Diana Simek, President
    Tel: (318) 671-1050
    Fax: (318) 671-9032


    Maryland Business Incubation Association
    c/o Maryland Technology Development Center
    9700 Great Seneca Highway
    Rockville, MD 20850
    Ruth Semple, President
    Tel: (240) 832-3612


    Massachusetts Association of Business Incubators
    25 North Hill Road
    Westford, MA 01886
    Eric Anderson, Manager
    Tel: (781) 983-2211
    Fax : (781) 935-1990


    Michigan Business Incubator Association
    c/o 506 E Liberty St, 3rd floor
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104-7202
    Lawrence Molnar, President
    Tel: (734) 998-6239
    Fax: (734) 998-6224


    Mississippi Business Incubation Association
    c/o Mississippi Development Authority
    P.O. Box 849
    Jackson, MS 39205-0849
    John Brandon
    Tel: (601) 359-3593
    Fax: (601) 359-2116


    Missouri Incubation Association
    c/o Technology Enterprise Center
    210 N. Tucker Blvd., Suite 600
    St. Louis, MO, 63101
    Jim Brasunas, President
    Tel: (314) 436-3500
    Fax: (314) 333-0409

    New Hampshire

    New Hampshire Business Incubator Network, NHBIN
    Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council
    Mt. Washington Valley Technology Village
    P.O. Box 1066
    Conway, NH 03818
    Jac Cuddy
    Tel: (603) 447-6622
    Fax: (603) 447-9947

    New Jersey

    New Jersey Business Incubation Network
    c/o The High Technology Small Business Incubator
    900 Briggs Rd.
    Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
    Paula Fett, President
    Tel: (856) 222-9311
    Fax: (856) 439-0154

    New York

    Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc.
    P.O. Box 95
    Albany, NY 12201
    Woodrow “Woody” Maggard, Chair
    David Hochman, Executive Director
    Tel: (212) 448-9586
    Fax: (518) 432-1383
    W eb:

    North Carolina

    North Carolina Business Incubators Association
    c/o The Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship
    2007 Yanceyville Street
    Greensboro, NC 27405
    Sam Funchess, President
    Tel: (336) 510-5895


    Oklahoma Business Incubator Association
    c/o Pioneer Technology Center Business Incubator
    900 N. Stiles Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73104
    Bonnie Cook, President
    Tel: (580) 718-4262
    Fax: (580) 762-1175


    Pennsylvania Incubator Association
    c/o Corry Industrial Center
    1524 Enterprise Road
    Corry, PA 16407
    Richard Novotny
    Tel: (814) 664-3884
    Fax: (814) 664-3885


    Texas Business Incubator Association
    9600 Long Point Road, Suite 150
    Houston, TX 77055-4266
    C. Dean Kring, Chairman
    Tel: (713) 932-7495
    Fax: (713) 932-7498
    Web Site:


    Virginia Business Incubation Association
    11712 C Jefferson Ave, #253
    Newport News, VA 23606
    Jim Flowers, President
    Tel: (757) 926-5368
    Fax: (866) 870-3690
    Web Site:


    Washington Association of Small Business Incubators
    1423 E. 29th St.
    Tacoma, WA 98404
    Coleen Barta, President
    Tel: (253) 722-5800
    Fax: (253) 722-5801


    Wisconsin Business Incubation Association
    2320 Renaissance Blvd.
    Sturtevant, WI 53177
    Tel: (262) 898-7524
    Therese Fellner, President
    Web Site:

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