Is the Tech Industry Racist? (INFOGRAPHIC)

A tech meet up in Silicon Valley

I just did an interview with the Broadband and Social Justice asking my opinion on an infographic (below) created by an online degree company which seemingly makes the claim that the tech industry is racist.

I don’t want to give away too much of what I told the site, published by the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, but I think these stats and facts when collected and amalgamated in an infographic format like this miss the opportunity to dissect the reasons behind the disparities and to look for solutions to alter the reality.

Of course, there must first be an acknowledgment that there is distinguishing underrepresentation of Blacks and Hispanics in this industry, whether by cause or fault of several historical, collateral and quasi-related circumstances or by design.

Notwithstanding all of that, taken alone, an infographic like this one can easily inflame racial tensions and  lead to finger pointing and blame.

None of that will get us anywhere.

Instead, it could and should be used as a starting point for dialogue on how to expand diversity in the tech and IT field. Possible solutions

  • include more partnerships with tech and coding academies, incubators and companies with inner city, urban and high-minority population schools
  • tech companies’ outreach and creation of externships, fellowships, apprenticeships and internships to target underrepresentated groups and HBCUs, for example.
  • enhanced teacher training in tech so they integrate it into their curriculum,
  • partnerships with private software, computer and app companies to get more technology in schools with limited funding
  • more emphasis on science, technology engineering and math (STEM) courses from elementary through college, including female-only classes so that girls don’t feel overwhelmed and afraid to do well in these fields; and
  •  and a concerted effort to outreach to, and teach young entrepreneurs that a career in tech is not limited to their knowledge of coding alone.

What are your thoughts?

Tech is Racist
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