5 Types of Brand Ambassadors that promote Bloggers

5 Types of Brand Ambassadors that promote Bloggers

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Every top entertainer or musician has die-hard “stans” – fanatical fans, ride or die brand advocates who can be seen in social media passionately showering praise under their fave performer’s Instagram selfies. Spot them emotionally defending their favorite actor against trolls and critics in the comment section of that star’s Facebook Fan page.

These fans promote their idol’s projects freely and willingly online and off, and purchase the products and anything their idol produces or puts out, as soon as released. They scramble to be the first to comment or share praise.

They even have names.

For example, Miley Cyrus has Smylies; Rihanna has her Navy; Beyonce has her Beyhive; and even start up and young acts like Fifth Harmony have its harmonizers.

You may not be surprised to learn that popular Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Pinners and other well-followed social media personalities too have brand ambassadors and loyalists who perform similar roles on behalf of these influentials.

I sought after a list of the various types of followers or “fans” popular internet personalities and brands have. I couldn’t find one definitive listing but I managed to put together a grouping based on a summary of my findings.

Here are the 5 types of brand ambassadors that bloggers and other social media influencers have.

1. Reputation Defenders – These appreciative followers will defend against others slandering or talking bad about the blog or blogger online. They deflect criticism and attempt to stunt the blow of harsh comments or critique.

Since bloggers cannot be everywhere all the time and may no have the staff to keep track of all where the blog is being discussed, having TeamInternet and Team[insert name]Blog as defenders are great. 

2. Blog Informants – These are those who will snitch on others who they see sharing copyrighted materials from the blogger on another source online or elsewhere. They will email or inbox their fave blogger with an inside tip or share some article or other info to help the blogger stay on top of things. They usually do it discreetly so as not to take any credit and allow the blogger to shine.

The first time someone inboxed me the name of a blogger who had posted my content as her own, I was truly grateful and appreciative as I am getting tips and links from friends and readers of news items that escaped me from friends and readers. 

3. Online Brand ambassadors – They will share their fave bloggers’ post among their circles in social media. These supporters will also quote or openly let others know they discovered an outfit, piece of gossip, or excellent analysis from their fave blogger and share a link, infographic or quote from the post.

Bloggers can only grow as fast as their content can be shared, re-shared and spread widely online. Those that have cultivated a community of readers who share posts are very fortunate. Without a big marketing budget, a blogger needs online brand ambassadors more than anything.

Offline Brand ambassadors – These advocates take their love and appreciation of the blogger to the real world and will mention them in water cooler conversation, at social events and at the dinner table. They spread the message and popularity of the bloggers to those who may not be online as much, or who have not yet discovered the blogger on his or her own.

Similarly, getting opportunities that are not related to blogging relies on the blog being known among as many as possible, even by non-readers. I got an opportunity to appear on a TV show because a non-reader had heard about my writing from one of my readers.

Incidental Marketing partners – These are other bloggers, influencers, brands who use the bloggers information in their own posts, or PR reps, publicists or agencies whose clients are featured in the blogger’s blog, or who share the blogger’s content, along with qualifying praise. In order to make themselves look accomplished as well for having the placement or using the blog as a source, they’d need to bolster the blog as well (e.g., we were featured in the “award-winning” blog… or we discovered this exclusively from top rank blog). It’s great free promotion!

A lot of times bloggers are reluctant to promote others’ work or products without being compensated but pay in the form of promotion matters too and shouldn’t be underestimated. This is the case especially if the incidental marketing partner has a substantial large and loyal following too. 

To cultivate and maintain the blogger brand loyalist, bloggers and content creators must continually produce and disseminate valuable content , in any form, to readers, viewers and audience.

The loyalty can and will manifest itself in wonderful ways that cannot be purchased and would otherwise cost a boatload if an advertising agency or public relations company was hired to do the same thing.

The key is to keep putting out good work, staying humble and showing gratitude to your audience as much as possible.


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