Content Curation is KING: More Social Media & Mobile Apps  Are Getting in the Curating Biz (PODCAST)

Content Curation is KING: More Social Media & Mobile Apps Are Getting in the Curating Biz (PODCAST)

content curation revisted

In Episode 20 of my 10-minute podcast series, I revisit Episode 2 from 2014. That was when I had an “Aha moment” amount Content Curation and predicted that it will be the content marketing tool of the future.

Content Curation is the gathering and collecting of various different content (video, images, articles etc) and delivering it to a platform or person based on the user’s likes or preferences.

The curator is appreciated by the recipient of the curated content because it is personalized and it eliminates the work for the content consumer. Audiences no longer have to search various different sources for information. They can go to one site or have their app or phone deliver all the info they need to their phone.

And these days, we are seeing that many social media sites, mobile and desktop apps and even hardware manufacturers like Apple, are getting into the content curation businesses.

Think Instagram’s Video, Twitter’s Moments, Google Plus’ Collections.

Curation opens up more marketing and monetization options and opportunities.

I discuss it more in Episode 20 of my 10 minute Podcast HERE

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