50 FREE Online Blogging & Content Marketing Courses

50 FREE Online Blogging & Content Marketing Courses



As I prepare launch my Digital Publishing Academy for the winter session, I’ve been assembling and curating online courses that I want to offer to my students that are totally free or low cost to supplement their learning.

You know, extra classes for those who need more elementary and/or  more detailed instructions.

My target is to come up with 100 courses.

I’m close. I found 50 of them so far, including some courses I found at Udemy, an online learning platform for which I’ve set up an account before and started exploring.

There are classes on there from free to $10 to more.

I also gathered courses from Alison, Open2Academy, skillshare and other open source platform teaching platforms.

The course range in topics from social media, to SEO basics to Blogging niche to basic grammar. I have NOT personally reviewed any of these courses and cannot vouch for their quality but I have skimmed through them a bit and found them mostly informative and well taught.

I hope you can benefit from them:

1  Learn basic English grammar and the fundamentals of how it should be applied to written and spoken English. 10-15 hours


2  How to Create Your First WordPress Blog


3  How to Use Google Analytics


4  How to Make a Website Basics


5  Social Media Marketing

Take social media marketing courses to learn about social media marketing including email marketing, social media tools and blogging.


6  How to Launch Your Start Up Idea for Less than $1,000


7  Beginner’s Guide to Image Editing in Photoshop


8  HTML5 and CSS for Beginners


9 Graphic Design


  1. Online Advertising


  1. Social Media 101 – Social Media Quickstarter


  1. Getting Started with Email Marketing


  1. Fundamentals of Business Law


  1. Marketing in a Digital World


  1. Inbound Marketing Certification


  1. How to Create a Website in a Weekend


  1. WordPress Training for Beginners


  1. 11 qualities of the social media strategist


19 Leveraging Your Instagram Analytics to IncreaseSocialSuccess


  1. The 3 Types of Customer Care You Need onSocialMedia
  2. How to Build a Social Media Calendar

  3. 7 Steps to a More Advanced Social Media Strategy http://sproutsocial.com/insights/webinars/social-media-strategy

23. How to Setup and Manage an Entire SocialBusiness Team


24.  6 Keys to Creating and Sharing Amazing Social Media

Low Cost Udemy Courses

  1. How To Build A Buzzfeed Style Blog On WordPress
  • How To Create High-Quality Blog Content That Gets Shared

  • Get 1000 Visitors to Your Blog Using On Page SEO

  • 25+ Ways To Promote Your Blog and Increase Website Traffic

  • Start an Online Business by Building a WordPress Blog
  • How to Start Your Blog

  • Blogging to Generate Leads: Business Blogging Essentials

  • Blogging Masterclass

  • Blogging: Starting Your Very Own Web Business!

  • 34.The Ultimate Guide to Writing Viral Blog Posts

    1. Professional Blogging: A Step-by-Step Blueprint
  • The Many Ways to Monetize Any Website or Blog All Levels

  • Monetizing a WordPress Blog: Beginner-Friendly Strategies

  • Elite Social Media Marketing Tactics for Tumblr Business Blogging

    1. Create a Logo For Your Startup or Blog!
  • 27 Super Traffic Techniques To Double Your Blog Visitors

  • Niche Confidence: Discovering And Evaluating Your Blog Niche

  • Blogging: Discover How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 500%

  • Launch And Grow Your Blog From 0 to 10,000 Monthly Readers

  • Tumblr Marketing: How to Blog, Generate Traffic and Profits

  • Find Your Blogging Niche And Turn Readers Into Fans

  • DIY PRO Blog & E-Commerce Platform

  • Blog your book in 30 days – become a published author

  • 48.A Lifestyle/Fashion Enthusiasts Guide to Blogging by Mimi G

    1. Create an Awesome Lead Magnet to Grow Your Blog Subscribers

    50.Business Website for Beginners and Solopreneurs

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