How to Start Your Business Website and Get a Free Phone Number Today!

How to Start Your Business Website and Get a Free Phone Number Today!


Today, I embarked on a journey to create a personal portfolio website in a day. I didn’t complete my mission but I know I can because I’ve done it before and think it’s pretty easy to create your own business website in a day, and for free.

It was part of an exercise to show my consultant clients how easy and simple it is to create an online presence for a company for no cost and in about a day.

At a cost of zero dollars, I created Ghatt Media (now defunct) and it served as a simple portfolio as well.

Ghatt Media (2)

No one can tell it is created from a free blogging platform because I used an attractive landing page theme.

Ghatt Media (3)

I also created a free wordpress site in about a day called Capitol Glam that I house digital assets, courses and other content I’ve created over the years, Capitol Glam.

Each website is hosted on which is a no-cost blogging platform, the cousin to the more functional and dynamic site, which requires separate self-hosting.

After signing up, simply select a theme. I recommend a landing page like theme, but you can search by color, type or free theme or premium price.

A lot of the themes are plug and play, in other words very easy to customize.

Customizer ‹ —

Also, WordPress does not allow plugins, tools that  you download that add a bunch of functionality to your website, but it does permit its own Jetpack!

Plugins ‹ —

That’s cool because Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin and includes tools that give you page view Stats, enables engagement via Social media buttons for each page, and functionality to Auto share each update to different social platforms, Email subscriptions, a Form builder
Video uploads, polls, security scan and anti-commenting and anti spam functions along with a PhotoCDN  that enables your photos to upload fast.


When you’re ready to take interested clients and potential leads, head over to Google Voice and get a free local telephone number . Before, it was looked upon as suspect but now, so many consultants, independent contractors, lean startups, organizations and other nonprofit entities use Google Voice that it has become an industry standard.

So be proud of operating a lean machine and take advantage of the free tools available out there that will help you make your presence online in no-time!

If you want to get your own domain,  you can purchase one form for $18 but I recommend first checking out because it sometimes has $1.99 per domain deals. And also, when you’re ready to switch to self-hosting, consider GoDaddy or my host ZenStacks!

trainto hell (2)

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