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Small Biz Saturday: Shop Picnoi.com -FREE $20 OFFER

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For day Small Business Saturday, I ask all of my readers, supporters and followers to patronize a small brick and mortar or online business.

Small businesses are the bedstone of any economy as they employ more people collectively than any other business. There are so many of us! And when I include myself in this mix because I have several small online shops and businesses.

I am promoting them all today starting with my stock photography Startup Picnoi.com.

You can access, download or use all 500+ photos in the Picnoi library for FREE! But did you know that you can download them all in one file!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Today, I’m giving you $20 to do just that!

This coupon code “smallbiz” at check out  will bring down the $49.99 price down to $19.99 for you for today only!

picnoi-hands-1-960x540 mom from picnoi.com stock PicNoi_20_E2_80_93_20Free_20Stock_20Photo_20for_20a_20Colorful_20World ad for picnoi ad for picnoi2

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