Chatbot Deal: The Cheapest Way to Get Your Hands on One

If you have ever made a purchase or engaged with a brand online, you may have had a conversation with its chatbot. A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.
Chatbots are the biggest thing in product and content marketing, customer acquisition and service and closing the deal or maintaining a lead. I want to get one but am nervous because I do not have coding background. I just got an offer from AppSumo on behalf of ActiveBot which is selling its $1000 chatbot for $49 for the next 4 hours. I have an ecommerce shop, two actually, and I like the idea of using a chatbot to fetch answers for FAQbook appointments, and take purchase orders
I’m thinking about it and thought I would pass it along to my list in case anyone wants to check it out or try it. I’m enticed by the fact there are ready-to-use templates I can plug and play but am still nervous about stepping out on faith. EEK! Anyway,here is a link to find out more and watch a video about it if you’re interested but I do not think it will be active for too long because AppSumo swaps out deals all the time! If you get one, please hit me up onTwitter to let me know how it works out? Thanks! Jay Jay Ghatt
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