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Retargeting Instagram Leads Is The Best Thing About This New Tool

So…I am all about shortcuts and productivity tools! I just learned of a new one that I think will make retargeting my Instagram followers much easier! Here’s how it works. Let me set it up. You know how you’re online and you look up a product on a website you think you might want to purchase, but ultimately you don’t purchase and maybe won’t even add the item to the shopping cart, yet after you log off, you find ads for that product all over the Internet and on every site you visit therafter? Yeah, it may come off as spooky to some customers (I admit it freaks me out sometimes) but the machines and back end interworkings that permit such “voodoo” is called ad retargeting. Pixels and web cookies and bugs implanted on your computer travel travel with you everywhere you go on the web leaving your browsing history along the way to sites you visit. Those sites then can use those bugs to follow you around. That’s the child explanation. But in a nutshell, it is the essence of smart ad marketing to casual and common web surfers (who uses that term anymore?) Because of that constant reminder of a product that was almost purchased, some people, a lot actually, are convinced to return to the original site and actually head back and make a purchase! It’s conversion gold! Imagine if you were the shopkeeper or ecommerce site owner on the other side and you could track people who leave Instagram and click a link on your site. You could then send those people coupons, target them for ads and ideally convert them from casual social media browsers to your customers! That it is one of the things that Shorby lets you do. The big sell is that it lets you add all of the links to products, services, websites and other places you want to direct your Instagram followers to in one place. I think similar to the dupe pages you can create with those ad networks for Fashion bloggers and Instagrammers like LikeIt2KnowIt, ShopStyle and other sites that dupe your feed with clickable links. However, I think the Ad retargeting feature of Shorby is gold and makes it stand out a bit! The deal site AppSumo is wholesale pitching limited lifetime access until they sell outwhich normally costs $108 for $29. Now that’s a pretty decent deal that I think I want to take advantage of because the last tool I used that did something similar cost about $18 per month and it didn’t have the ad retargeting feature that I want to explore! Anyway, here is their video showing you how it works:
Click here
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