Why Recording YouTube Videos In A Car Is Boss! {VIDEO}

A friend of mine who described herself as someone relatively new to the digital phenomenon of video vlogs recorded inside vehicles marveled at my recent quasi popular YouTube video about the ADOS community. I explained to her why I thought vehicles are the best hosts for YouTube and other online video content and decided to turn our little FB chat into a blog post and YouTube tutorial about it! Watch the video here:


Although the cabin of an automobile isn’t totally soundproof, it is great for blocking out external sounds that come from other people inside the home.

Lighting Is Awesome

Anyone who knows about photography and videographer is aware that natural light is the best for capturing images and video. Inside a vehicle, there is light all around.

Mobile Access

For those, like me, who have had to have radio interviews and conference calls away from the home to grantee no interruptions, it was a no brainer to take advantage of the mobile aspect of a car. I could get in and drive down the block to have uninterrupted recording time without the risk of one of my kids coming out to the driveway and wrapping on the window asking me to break up a fight inside.

It’s Acceptable

Nowadays, in the era of the very popular Carpool Kareoke with James Corden, we see everyone from rising to the biggest YouTubers recording and pushing out videos of themselves inside a car. Now that it is more common than ever, people without a fancy home studio set up can take advantage of a low cost, bright and airy and virtually soundproof mobile option: their car! There you have it! Holla at me on social to discuss more!
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