Blog Full Time But Spend Just 5 Hours Weekly Doing It {VIDEO TUTORIAL}

Blog Full Time But Spend Just 5 Hours Weekly Doing It {VIDEO TUTORIAL}

A lot of new and part time bloggers who are one woman or man operations fall off the blogging wagon pretty early because they cannot find time to blog regularly.

Many of them are unaware of a secret tool even the largest of bloggers and established news and entertainment sites use to keep their sites fresh with a constant flow of posts.

It’s called “syndication” and yes, it is exactly like television syndication. You know, after a hit show is on for a few years on one particular network, they negotiate to have repeats show on other networks.

Only, you do not have to do any advance negotiation or get advance permission and it’s totally free and legal!

I show you how in this 15 minute tutorial/walkthru I put up on my YouTube channel.

I show you how to syndicate content from another source in 5 minutes FLAT, essentially how to legally use other people’s posts to keep your blog fresh for Google, SEO and audience retention purposes.

I also show you how to switch up the headline, and where to get free dynamic photos for each post in  under 1 minute.

In another 5 minutes, I show you how to create a quick Pinterest graphic that can pin to drive traffic back to your site.

Total watch time: Under 15 Minutes! WATCH!


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