Launch Your First Podcast Fast… But First Do This!

Launch Your First Podcast Fast… But First Do This!

Podcasts are trending big these days, and perhaps even more so during this global pandemic as people are home looking for content to consume beyond Netflix.

Perhaps also as a consequence of these unique circumstances with a lot of us stuck at home, many are also realizing that they would love to launch a podcast of their owns.

In addition, during these unprecedented times, unemployed and furloughed workers and those who have had their hours severely reduced are looking for new and exciting ways to earn money.

Because a lot of retail shops, offices and venues are still closed down or operating under limited hours and staffing, getting a part time job in a brick and mortar world is not an easy option as it was before.

Consequently,  several enterprising people have turned to the online world to see if there are remote work opportunities available.

Beyond jobs like working as a contact phone tracer, a virtual administrative assistant, or a call center worker, those who consider themselves entertaining, or  creative are exploring options in digital content creation.

Here is where the idea of launching a blog, YouTube channel or podcast come into play.

Of all these three options, in my opinion, launching a podcast is easiest because there is a natural and growing audience for podcasts.

Launching a Podcast Is Intuitive

interview or co host of podcast

Several years ago, a friend of mine and I had a weekly online radio show which was much like a podcast.

Both of us had journalism degrees, but neither of us had ever hosted a broadcast radio show before. Nevertheless, we found the process intuitive especially using a then new platform called Blog Talk Radio which made it pretty easy to pull off. It lasted three seasons and was really fun to produce, host and release. We had guests, tackled pop culture, politics and array of topics. Old episodes can still be found archived all around the web.

More recently, I joined a college friend and a few new friends and sat as a panel host on a real on air HD radio show. We shot video of each taping which featured a celebrity or media guest from the African diaspora and had plans (still) of producing a video/tv version of the season and converting it into a podcast.

You can listen to season one on Soundcloud or catch episodes airing Saturday Mornings at 7am on DC or WHUR HD4 FM Radio.

Those two experiences certainly gave me expertise that I share in my latest YouTube video where I break down how to launch, produce, market and promote you very own podcast!

Why are Podcasts the Best Form of Digital Content?

woman listening to a podcast

Unlike blogs and YouTube channels, which require more of your undivided attention, podcasts can be consumed while multitasking.

You can be commuting to work, driving your child to a doctor’s appointment, doing chores like cooking or the laundry while listening to a podcast.

You need a browser or the YouTube app to read or watch the latest publication from your fave Blogger or YouTuber. Podcasts can be listened to with your iTunes or fave player from the Google Play store or synced with your portable speaker like Alexa and listen even while in the shower as it plays overhead.

Why Podcasts are the Easiest to Produce

podcaster at home

To be a blogger, you have to be able to write engaging prose, stories or articles. You don’t have to be a literary genius. However, you do need to have a command of basic English (or whatever language you’re writing in) and grammar.

You also need to keep your reader engaged so they stay on your blog. Similar with YouTubers, there is so much stimuli competing for the attention of the audience; it can be challenging keeping a viewer on a channel.

Podcasters don’t have to visually set up their videos to hook in a viewer and keep them there because they’re only asking to borrow their ears.

Once a podcaster can sell their personality and/or value to the audience, they can easier get the listener to commit early and become a loyal subscriber.

No visual transitions or silly pranks required.

Nowadays, video podcasting is more popular than traditional audio only ones. Why? The visuals of a small team of folks cracking jokes, talking shop and conversing at a table with large mics in front of them is kinda sexy.

Many sports and entertainment podcasts also have popular YouTube followings and some are broadcast on network, cable and streaming TV.

This hybrid approach is more challenging and can add complications when it comes to post-production editing.

You have to sync the sound and action in studio.

It can be done but there is a layer or work on top. It may be best to just stick with the basics if you’re starting out and doing it solo, with a small team and/or with a small or limited budget.

What you need to consider before launching your podcast?

three men podcast

If you determine that you indeed want to start a podcast and think you can get enough subscribers so you can quickly monetize and start charging sponsors, there are at least 6 things you need to do next.

I once co-starred and produced an online radio show on the Blog Talk Radio platform which was akin to a podcast with a friend of mine several years ago.  I also hosted my own digital business 10 minute podcast series for several years. Finally, last year, I was in a cast of a real over-the-air broadcast and online digitally syndicated talk radio show which still airs weekly on FM radio.

So I have experience with this genre and have some insight on what it takes to run a podcast and what anyone who wants to start one should do before they launch.

Ready to Launch! But First…

podcaster broadcasting

As of August 2020, there are over 1 million podcasts but there is still room for one more.

There are over 600 million blogs so if anyone is going to start an online content creation gig, it’s probably best to go with the less saturated option. Podcast is it!

There are a lot of fine details that go into actually starting a podcast like selecting designing the perfect channel art. You have to do research on the right equipment for your budge. You need to check in on the various transcription services.

You have to get a handle on editing and publishing each episode which can be a lot.

I won’t go into all those painstaking minutiae but I do have some thoughts on some very basic things you need to do and I have suggestions on how to launch your podcast tomorrow on iTunes with no equipment or technical knowhow!

I shared my thoughts in a video that I posted on my YouTube channel

launch your podcast

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