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Why I think IG Stories will Legit Kill Snapchat (VIDEO)

snapchat instagram

Two days ago, Instagram essentially “swagger jacked” Snapchat and created a feature that copies verbatim Snapchat’s model: quick videos that last only 24 hours and they disappear. I did a video on Facebook Live today on my Facebook page for Jenebaspeaks. It is captioned: “Why Instagram Stories will Kill Snapchat the way Facebook Live killed […]

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How to Tweak Your Facebook Page to Increase Chances of Getting Verified


Facebook recently updated and clarified its existing rules related to influencers and brands that promote other brands’ products or servicemen  on their pages. The social media site posted the new info on the site’s blog and on a brand new page created to help influencers and marketers navigate  the new changes. In summary, Facebook clarified […]

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Study: Sharing your Relationship on Facebook Is a Sign it Will Last


   Nowadays, when someone who is dating makes a newly committed relationship official by updating it in their Facebook profile, it’s a BFD (big___ deal)! Imagine! Now there is some social science behind this well-acknowledged fact! A new research study from a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor that analyzed couples on Facebook delved into the psychology […]

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Dissecting the 5 Common Responses Readers Make to Excuse Big TECH’s EEO Reports


So here’s the deal: Twitter released its EEO report showing that out of close to 3,000 employees in America, it has only 49 black ones. Many outlets have reported on this news. I don’t really want to rehash all I wrote when Facebook came out with its own EEO report which revealed a similar yet […]

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Why Twitter’s biz model is not as lucrative as Facebook & Pinterest.


Twitter‘s CEO Dick Costolo will step down, New York Times reports. Part of the reason the 5-year Chief of the popular social media company is relinquishing his post is because of its struggles to grow its user database, increase ad revenue and get side projects launched and successful. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t have the same flexibility […]

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Report: TV Watching with a Second screen is bad for Brands


Brands and advertisers use of brand integration may be thwarted by audiences inability to retain brands presented while watching TV and operating a second screen at the same time.

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New Content Delivery Experiments: Facebook’s Instant News & Verizon’s New TV Bundles

television bundles

Facebook and Verizon’s new content experiments and offerings show how competition drives creativity in the digital era

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