Called It: My Prediction From A Year Ago About IG Stories Killing Snapchat (VIDEO)

Called It: My Prediction From A Year Ago About IG Stories Killing Snapchat (VIDEO)


I’ve been seeing a bunch of articles recently about how Instagram Stories has substantially surpassed Snapchat, the social media platform that Instagram essentially cribbed from.

For those who don’t know, a little while ago, Facebook, which owns Instagram, attempted to buy Snapchat and Snapchat’s founders said “no thanks.”

The next thing that happened is that FB essentially just created its own version. That was about a year ago.

I predicted what has come into fruition that IG Stories will Kill Snapchat the same way that Instagram video killed Vine when it started doing video but longer.

We saw recently that Snapchat is trying desperately to resuscitate its ailing site with a dramatic redesign.

A few people didn’t want to hear the news because when I went to check on it recently, I saw it had only gotten thumbs down. Not a lot. Just three. lol

If you missed my prediction, which I posted on FB Live a year ago, here it is again:

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