Survey: Most Families Want Everyone to “UnPLUG” this Thanksgiving

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A recent survey of United States residents revealed that most respondents, 61% of them, think that their family members use technology too much and so much so that it interrups and disrupts their family life negatively.

 American respondents to a Tech Timeout survey, conducted by independent life insurance organization Foresters, admitted to spending 6.5 hours per day on electronic devices outside of work.

The survey was conducted as part of a tech time out initiative from Forresters to encourage families to detach from the digital world for one hour a day to spend time with one another.

It was based on responses from  1,507 US and 1,021 Canadian residents, ages 25-55 to a survey that took place between October 10 to 22, 2013 is part of the Forester’s Tech Timeout initiative

“The survey results reinforce our belief that our dependence on technology can lead to a sense of social isolation within families,”  Kasai Czarski,  Foresters’ senior vice president and chief membership and marketing officer said. “As a holiday that naturally brings people together, Thanksgiving seems like the ideal time to remind families to put down their devices and spend some time together tech-free.”

This holiday season remind family members to embrace family togetherness and put down their devices.  Families can visit to sign a pledge to unplug!

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