Here’s What Makes a Video Go Viral, According to Millennials

Here’s What Makes a Video Go Viral, According to Millennials


Having a video go viral is an excellent way to elevate your brand, drive traffic to your website and garner sales for a product or service that you are selling.

According to research, 69% of Americans say they share good viral videos online, and of those who do, 19% say they do it passive aggressively to express a political views.

Millennials do this overwhelmingly at 25%.

Many Americans say they can predict when a video will go viral or become a hit. Most say that a video that makes them laugh will go viral (40%) or one they saw a friend share (27%).

Of the 69% that say they share viral videos, a good chunck do it to get their friends’ social reactions (34%); while 26% share in hopes of starting a social conversation. Another 47% don’t care what you think and just share because they want to.

Here are some other reasons broken down by general population compared to what Millennials think:

How can you predict that an online video will go viral
General Pop Millennials
I laugh when I see it 40 percent 55 percent
I see my friends sharing it 27 percent 45 percent
It features animals 22 percent 27 percent
I see celebrities sharing it 15 percent 37 percent
I gasp when I watch it 14 percent 24 percent
It features kids 13 percent 16 percent

Men that get aroused after watching a video say it would go viral (18%) while just 3% of women say a video making them sexually stimulated is a predictor of viralbility.

Which of the following passive aggressive reasons have caused you to share a viral video online?*
Gen Pop Millennials
To express my political views 19 percent 25 percent
To win an argument 11 percent 16 percent
To share my religious beliefs 10 percent 14 percent

Get the rest of the breakdown from Bulldog reporter and check out this infographic of the study that the now-defunct commissioned. It explains more:viral

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