I Can Vouch for This Network That Links Tastemakers with Advertisers and Actually Pays

I Can Vouch for This Network That Links Tastemakers with Advertisers and Actually Pays


I get requests from link builders often to place sponsored posts on my blog in exchange for letting a few of the outbound links be “do-follow” and they usually ask me to sacrifice the reputation and brand I’ve build for like $25. I usually just ignore them or quote them my very respectable rate for sponsored posts, and never hear from them again.

I recently signed on with a new program from the LinkVehicle blog broker called Valued Voice. It connects tastemakers to advertisers, agencies, and brands.

The influencers select sponsored content from hundreds of offers in over twenty verticals and share it on their websites, YouTube channels, and social media.

The blog posts offered are usually relevant to my content, well-written and can be inserted pretty easily via copy and paste of the URL. I share them across social media platform and that’s it! It’s a pretty quick and painless way to monetize my blogs and social media presence while earning cash.

This week, I made about $250 for a few posts and get regular offers and plan to use those funds to purchase a couple of Chromebooks for my summer interns.

ValuedVoice (1)

I try to only endorse products or services I use and in the case of ValuedVoice, it gets a thumbs up from me for ease of use, options for payout (for $5 fee you get instant PayPal
payout) and up to 5 sponsored opportunities.

For unlimited opps and a lower cashout threshold, and lower fee for cashing out, you pay a small nominal fee of $3! You cannot beat that! See graphic below:


Sign up for ValuedVoice using my affiliate link here! If you like them and they get you monetization options for your blog or social media presence, do let me know! Thanks!

valued voice

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