Why I Switched All My Hosting Over To GoDaddy

Why I Switched All My Hosting Over To GoDaddy

After over 20 years of managing different websites and blog properties hosted on different platforms, I’ve come to a realization that GoDaddy is still the best, hands down!

When I started my first solo blog back in the early 2000s in the early days of blogging, I relied on free platforms like Blogspot (now Blogger and owned by Google). They were turnkey, easy to manage and served their purpose but gave me less ownership, control and flexibility.

I then turned to self-hosting WordPress.org and other platforms which required me to purchase hosting from third parties like Bluehost, DreamHost, Hostgator and others.

Of all of them, I’ve come full circle and have eventually navigated each and every one over to GoDaddy for one basic reason: superior customer service and 24 hour access. A lot of start up and

wholesale hosting companies can charge low hosting fees because they are bare bones and do not and cannot offer too much personal support.

Because GoDaddy is so large and established, it has the resources and infrastructure to staff a call center of hosting, domain and other support personnel that you can access year round.

In times when a malicious hack or insecure plugin shut a site all the way down, I love being able to dial up help at the drop of a hat and work through it. With other platorms, you have to leave a message or chat with a bot and sometimes never get answers or a reply for days or weeks even.

When your site is your business, every minute down costs you in credibility, opportunity, sales and more. It’s just not a good look.

I am sharing this insight this week as  I recently navigated the last of my blogs over to my Shared Hosting Account I have over there and am happy to have one home and location to turn to for all my digital platform hosting needs!

I highly recommend you consider the Managed WordPress Hosting because it comes with a security certificate, back up and other support that you would ordinarily have to purchase individually on other programs and offerings.

If you are just starting out blogging and looking for a hosting platform, you can pay just $1 per month and get a free domain if you pay for the entire year in advance. It comes with free daily backups, automatic scans for malware every day and 10 GB of storage.

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