The Freelance Source Every Digital Solopreneur Needs To Use

The Freelance Source Every Digital Solopreneur Needs To Use

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

As a solopreneur, I get overwhelmed often by all the tasks I have to complete to keep my business running. While I consider myself the “Jill of All Trades” and take pride in my ability to be the CEO, CFO and CMO of my various digital ventures, I do acknowledge that I need help and cannot do it all.

I have some technical know-how into website design and apps but there are certain functions that are outside my realm of skills and paygrade.

During times when one of my blogs completely shuts down for weeks like my main blog recently did, or when I have to upload hundreds of photos, I turn to FIVERR to outsource the task and hire one of the many experts on their to help!

I have a few go-to freelancers on there who I have hired to disable or fix a faulty plugin, come up with a creative into or outro for my YouTube channels, customize the html or CSS coding in my website or transfer my site from one host to another.

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Good help is hard to find and hiring a local freelancer can be more expensive and hence why outsourcing it to a site where service providers are providing competitive rates works for me.

I can determine which freelancer is good by reading the reviews and the ratings next to his or her name.

My guys have come through for me time and time again and I credit them for helping me continue to grow and scale and invite anyone who would like to check out FIVERR to do so and check out the possibilities.


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