Women in Tech Report: The Pandemic Impact on Femmes in Tech

Women in Tech Report: The Pandemic Impact on Femmes in Tech

Just in time for International Women’s Day 2021, TrustRadius released its annual Women In Tech report summarizing the impact of the pandemic on women in tech and feelings, generally, regarding bro culture, opportunities to advance within a company, and gender equality within board rooms and among tech applicants.

The results are not suprising:

  • 72% of women in tech have experienced pervasive bro culture.
  • 57% of women in tech feel burned out at work, compared to 36% of men.
  • 37% of women of color in tech see racial bias as a barrier to promotion.
  • 78% of women in tech say they have to work harder to prove their worth.

The impact was also felt outside of the workplace scenario.

According to survey resesearch results, COVID-19 doesn’t appear to have radically shifted the division of household work for the majority of respondents.  Many, 53 percent, of tech workers say that the balance of household work hasn’t shifted in their homes.

Per the report:

Women in different departments have also had very different work-from-home experiences.

53% of women in Engineering and IT say that remote work has been positive for women in tech. But that percentage decreases across women in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.

This could be due to the fact that these fields are more incentive-based and competitive. Traits like assertiveness, confidence, and ambition are crucial here. We know that these traits are often seen as negatives in women and positives in men. It’s possible that remote work may be amplifying sexist trends that already exist.

The results are summarized in a series of infographics and analysis on the TrustRadius website that can be found here.  Below is a sampling of some of the most stark conclusions from the report.

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