The New “Heck” – New substitute swear words become common

The New “Heck” – New substitute swear words become common



I was listening to one of my favorite talk radio shows, The Michael Smerconish show on SIRIUS XM’s Politics of the United States (P.O.T.U.S) channel. There was a discussion of how the F bomb had become less toxic and more common place.

Many people when referencing curse words think of the infamous 7 dirty words rant that was part of the late George Carlin’s 1972 comedy stand up routine. It was broadcast on national radio and led to a U.S. Supreme Court decision that ultimately determined the times of days that certain words could be broadcast on air.

Half of the words in that rant are really no longer that bad .

A long time ago, when people wanted to avoid using the swear word, hell, they’d say heck!

It was a softer term for an otherwise forbidden swear word.

Since then, we’ve seen other pretty harsh and toxic expletives get coopted with some hells harsh alternatives. Eliminate a consonate, rearrange some letters, or add another syllable or inflection and a word that would make some people gasp shifts itself into common vernacular.


Here are 10 swear words that have been softened by a new variation of them:

NEW WORD               SWEAR WORD                 USED IN A SENTENCE

Eff                               F*ck                                      Get the Eff out of here

Byatch                         B*itch                                   You are behaving like a total byatch right now

Ish                               Sh*t                                       Look at this ish!

Nickle                         The N Word                         So I told that nickle…

Dang                          Damn                                    Dang girl, you’re looking really good today!

Peen                           Penis/Prick                         You don’t have to be a peen about it!

Bish                             B*tch                                   Gather around bishes, check out my new bag

Frick                            F Bomb                               What the frick!

What da?                    What da f*(*                        What da?

Mudda Guda              Mother F*&*er                     That is a mudda guda

Arse                             Ass                                      He was showing his arse

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