New Study: Democrats Were More Stressed, Had Anxiety and Depression on Election Day Than Republicans

New Study: Democrats Were More Stressed, Had Anxiety and Depression on Election Day Than Republicans

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A new  survey revealed that Democrats and supporters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris felt significantly more stress, anxiety and depression on election day than their Republican counterparts, according to data collected and analyzed on behalf of ADoH SCIENTIFIC, the world’s leader in mental and behavioral health assessment.

Researchers examined key categories, including loneliness, irritability, wellness, energy, and pain.

“The fact that people are stressed and upset due to political tension and uncertainty around the election isn’t terribly surprising given the tone of the national discourse lately,” said Dr. Brian Sullivan, Chief Science Officer at ADoH SCIENTIFIC. “What did surprise us is that these feelings of distress were so comparatively elevated on one side of the political spectrum.”

Among the findings:

  • Biden-Harris supporters reported significantly higher scores than Trump-Pence supporters in categories that included stress, wellness (illness), energy (fatigue), anxiety and depression.

  • Democrats reported roughly 71% higher stress levels and nearly twice the anxiety levels (92% higher) of Republicans.

  • Democrats also reported roughly 35% higher measures of loneliness and nearly 69% higher irritability than Republicans.

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The ADoH SCIENTIFIC™ study used the company’s patented Morphii™ Digital Affect Mirror™ technology, which uses emoji-like, user-adjusted graphical images to quantify individuals’ emotional states more precisely than traditional survey methodologies.

This new technology removes significant levels of bias and interpretation from typical psychological surveys.

“The ongoing impact on people’s mental and behavioral health caused by COVID-19 combined with an unprecedented election and political tension in the U.S. are likely to cause significant long-term mental and behavioral health issues as the nation recovers from a collective trauma,” said Al Fasola Jr, CEO of ADoH SCIENTIFIC. “We’ve heard from clients that they need a more precise, data-driven mental and behavioral health platform now given the turbulent times we live in.  The significant amplification of people’s mental and behavioral health will lead to an amplification of chronic diseases and healthcare costs. ADoH SCIENTIFIC can improve healthcare insights to help providers and payors improve whole-person healthcare smarter and sooner.”

The study surveyed a nationally representative sample of 861 U.S. adults ages 18-80 on Tuesday.

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